1,900 Displaced, 17 Missing As Cameroonians Attack Bakassi Village


Seventeen people have been reported missing after Cameroonian gendarmes attacked Efot Obot Ikot. There are also 1,900 refugeescamped at the St Mark Primary School, Eyo Edem in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State.

Senator Florence Ita Giwa who visited the refugee camp said the people, last month, had to escape, spending several nights in the forest and eventually crossing the Akwa ye Efe river to Akpabuyo where they are presently camped.

“As I speak to you, I cannot believe what the gendarmes did to our people. So many women cannot find their husbands while many children cannot find their mothers. So far, we have counted 17 people who are still missing.”

Ita Giwa bemoaned the living condition in the camp where three births had been witnessed by yesterday, saying the international community had not been fair to the Bakassi people who she said did not cause the situation they now find themselves due to the call by the Nigeria government which obeyed the International Court of Justice ruling that they should remain in their ancestral land and singned “The Green Tree Agreement with Cameroon

According to her, “our Cameroonian brothers have not respected that agreement and are daily attacking and killing our people and the international community is keeping quiet.”


  1. This attack is highly provokeing,I can believe why country like nigeria can hurrdly exceed his tretiary to an country cos they went to obey I c j look at whot our people are passing through.the goverment should look into this matter with a view to founding solution to it.this too bad.

  2. Why decieve ourselves. When Nigeria was given d opportunity to appeal wat did u people do. Past n present senators n house of Rep members representin dis area n d state wat r u people doing in Abuja? Eating our moni abi? Its only God dat will 4give all of u.

  3. It is very disheartened to read of the plight of Nigerians in Bakassi village. The ill treatment continuously meted on the Bakassi people by the Cameroonian military is in my opinion further enhanced by Nigerian government refusal to do anything significant to ease the pains and travails of the Bakassi people. I said this because it is the duty of any government to provide security of life and property to her citizens; as regard this, Nigerian government has once again failed us (most especially the Bakassi people).

    If Cameroonian gendarme or whatever they call themselves keep attacking Bakassi people at will, I don’t see any reason why Nigerian army could not stage a reprisal attack on the cameroonians to warn them of Nigeria’s readiness at protecting the interest of her people.

    Unfortunately, the Nigerian government is exhibiting “the boy is good” character to the international community at the expense of our own people. I’m sure the Israeli government will rather spit on the face of UN rather than allowing such ill treatment of their citizens in the name of a mocking peace.

    Even the western countries will go to any length to protect just one of their citizens irrespective of whether the citizen in question is wrong or not. An example of such is the current diplomatic stand-off between Italy and India as a result of Italian desperate attempt at protecting two of their marines accused of murdering two Indian citizens in an international water. Thank God for a country like India that understand the value of human life. Can such a report be written about Nigeria? The Bakassi situation will be a pointer….

    I will conclusively say, if Nigeria is too big for Nigerian government to protect and well taken care of, why not allow separation rather than celebrating our faked and useless unity?