Ask Jay: My Girlfriend is Far Away and I’m Tempted to Cheat on Her. What Should I Do?


Dear Jay,

I’m a young guy in my mid 20’s. I have been dating a girl for the past one year. However, I stay at Ogun state and she is still in the University at Ogbomosho which makes it a long distance relationship. Since, other girls around know she is far from me, I have been going through a lot of temptation. What can I do to keep from cheating on her? Thanks in anticipation.


Dear B.G,

Long distance relationships can be very hard to sustain because we humans need regular face-to-face contact with the ones we love.  However, if you’re devoted enough, you can make a long distance relationship work. First of all, you have to make up your mind not to cheat on your girlfriend. It will be challenging but it can be done.

Secondly, do everything you can to feel as close to your girlfriend as possible. Chat often; call her as much as you can, try to see her face through mediums like Skype and other forms of video chatting. Also, Ogbomosho is not that far from Ogun State so both of you should reach an agreement and decide how often you should travel to see each other. If you value the love you share then both of you can make it work despite the distance. I hope this was helpful. I wish you the very best.



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