Wayne Rooney Tops Premier League Rich List (Included is the Top 20 Sportsmen Rich List in Great Britain and Ireland).

Wayne Rooney is the richest Barclays Premier League player with a personal fortune of £51 million. This is according to a recent publication by Sunday Times magazine on sportsmen in Great Britain and Ireland.

Rich Dad.
Rich Dad.

The striker is £9 million richer than fellow Manchester United team- mate Rio Ferdinand (£42m). Rooney and Ferdinand are among of 24 current Premier League payers on the list of 100 wealthiest sportsmen in Great Britain and Ireland.
Michael Owen came third (£38m) among the Premier League players, ahead of Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard, both players rated at £34 million.
Steven Gerard is Liverpool’s richest player with a £33 million fortune, while Carlos Tevez (£18m) is the only Manchester City player on the list.
Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick and Robin van Persie are among the six Manchester United players on the list. Van Persie who is a new entrant is rated at £12 million.
David Beckham tops them all with a fortune of £165 million. Beckham who plays for Paris St Germain is the richest sportsman in Britain, 11th on the Sunday Times World Sport rich List, headed by Tiger Woods (£570m).
The Rich List is based on identifiable wealth, including land, property, other assets such as art and racehorses, or significant shares in publicly quoted companies. It excludes bank accounts.
1 David Beckham £165m
2 Dave Whelan £160m
3 Paul Caddick £150m
4 Sir Tony O’Reilly £142m
5 Johnny Dumfries £110m
6 Lennox Lewis £95m
7 Eddie Irvine £83m
8 Lewis Hamilton £60m
9 Jenson Button £58m
10 Jody Scheckter £57m
11 Dave Richards £55m
12= David Coulthard £53m
12= Tim Gredley £53
12= Steve Nash £53m
15 Wayne Rooney £51m
16= Dario Franchitti £50m
16= Nigel Mansell £50m
18= Rio Ferdinand £42m
18= Sir Jackie Stewart £42m
20 Peter Tom and family £40m


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