At Least 185 Feared Dead In Clash Between Soldiers And Boko Haram


Intense gun fight between soldiers and Islamic extremists – Boko Haram in Borno state has reportedly left no fewer than 185 persons dead.

Lawan Kole, a local government official in Baga, told Borno state officials on a visit Sunday that the killings started Friday night and went on for hours. Kole told state officials that at least 185 bodies had been buried even as people continued to search for the dead.

Brig. Gen. Austin Edokpaye told officials that the sect members used heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

Edokpaye said the insurgents used civilians as human shields during the fighting — implying that soldiers opened fire in neighborhoods where they knew civilians lived.

This recent conflict is coming at a time the Nigerian government announced its intention to grant amnesty to members of the sect who have been responsible for a spate of bloody insurgent attacks since 2010.



  1. This is an aberration. What is happening in Nigeria today is worse than what is going on in Syria. Boko Haram kills unjustly while military kills extra-judiciously. It is now I profusely concorded that there are different categories of Boko Haram has general Buhari rightly mentioned some time ago. The worse of all is PDP.

  2. mutana….u are a fool…u gat no sense…ur buhari should have been arrested if not 4 d fact dat d pdp feela he is above d law…he is d engine behind d killings….dis is just d beginning….u hausas fail to make use of ur brain den u shall die like chicken…

  3. @ Mutana Faruk. U talk like an ignorant fellow. Don’t u know Buhari too is part and parcel of Boko Haram? We only read and hear of the gun scophle between the JTF and the BK, but fail to mention the secret killings of innocent Christians at Bama, Gamboru- Mafa road. Christians travelers are asked to disembark and slaughtered immediately. What do we call that? Just because Jonathan a Christian became president, so the whole Nigeria should perish in the name of Islamizing it. That can never happen. All Moslems are Boko Haram supporters and sympathizers. Hypocrites.

    • it will be better for the north to seek for their own independence from Nigeria than to fool themselves that nigeria will be islamized , this is just an empty threats, a waste of time, Christians don,t take up arms against any body , but when the time comes , our enemies will rise and kill themseLves in JESUS NAME ‘AMEN’

    • U called some one ignorant while, d way u sound make no sense, instead u condemn the action of both boko haram and government, u hidden behind religion and criticizing others, y can’t u speak the truth, don’t b bias and don’t make it personal, what happened is inhuman from both side, next time when u wanna say something pls say d truth or keep quite.

  4. Hmmm Nigerian government is d biggest boko haram they are just planning to reduce our population. Please read this wisely “if muslims are the only boko haram in Nigeria, why are they always bombing northern part of the country that is where dey belongs to? Why they don’t bomb southern part of the country?

  5. What a wonderful lier said by the JTF commander bcos the people who are dead are not cristain, that is why, the government did not care, we did’nt forget when some cristain coppers were killed, the whole nation state to vibrate saying they have killed cristain, but now, every body keep silent,
    tyme to wake up all muslims!!!

  6. If a child wakes up one morning & put fire on his father’s house & everybody in the house died as a result, who do you blame? If a man wakes up one day & starts bombing churches, luxurious busses among others, because his fellow nigerians(who dnt belong to their religious sect/belief) are there, what do you think of that? I dnt think there should be anything like “sorry”,”pity”,or “symparthy” for anyone who purposely will invite “fire” for himself & @ the end is consumed in that same inferno. He that diggeth a pit, the same shall fall into it.

  7. @Sani jawa- what a shameless malo you are… So you were in support of the killings of the corpers right? Note that those corpers were of both religions.

    Let‘s be rational please fellow naija. We say our Islam is a religion of peace but, have we shown that worldwide? The so called Christians have been more accomodating than us. We have to put sentiment aside and face realities.
    May the most Gracious the merciful the beneficient have mercy on us all.