Buhari’s Support For Amnesty Condemned By Islamic Leaders

buhari-1Islamic leaders have faulted calls by former military head of state, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari backing the Federal Government’s amnesty proposal for members of the Boko Haram sect.

Leaders at the 2nd northern region Jalsa Tarbiyah in Abuja, expressed surprise that the three-time presidential candidate who understands the tenets of Islam would even contemplate supporting a diabolical group hell-bent on destroying lives.

Dr Mashud Fashola who delivered the keynote address, however emphasized that terrorism would continue unless the Federal Government stops spending the nation’s resources recklessly and impoverishing the people.


  1. It is disgusting, shameful and a big disgrace if former president General Buhari after all his denial, could still support the plans for Amnesty in Nigeria, however am confident that most Nigerian top leaders do not actually know What Amnesty stood for and with due respect, “let our journalist interview past leaders and most highly placed people calling for Amnesty, and with due respect including the Sultan and we will all see that they don’t actually know the REAL meaning of Amnesty. “President JONATHAN pls, wake-up from Ur sleep”.

    • i think most of you misunderstand Buhari cause of your mindset of him i want you all to pls tell me the exact price for peace and its standard if not you all are just bla bla – ing and refusing realities even when its so obvious that you do not have any solution to the problem, or do you? then come up with it we are waiting

  2. Verily,we shall soon knw who d real BH r.Nigerians r tired of d ding-dong btw d Army & d BH. It is d common man dats alwz caught in crossfire. IF amnesty will bring peace it is highly welcme. For those who critisize Buhari,u av nt given us an alternative to wht Buhari stand for… Mtceeeehew !

  3. one thing is what the scripture says one thing is finding solution, if solving the problem requires spending money then money should be spent until we are able to tackle the problem and not to outright blame the General for his opinion as ulamas what solution had they proffered rather than escalating them.

  4. GEJ should slash 10% of monthly allocation to each of d northern states and use d sum to implement d amnesty deal so that northerners can bear d brunt of d problems they av created.OR alternatively d FG should stop carrying out any developmental project in d north but channel d funds for such projects 2 amnesty.