Do Your Pants Sag Low? US City Bans Saggy Pants

pants down


It looks like one Louisiana city has had enough of saggy pants, so much so that they have put a ban on the longstanding fashion trend. Terrebonne Parish City Council now “prohibits people from wearing pants that hang below the waist in public, exposing underwear or skin,” according to NBC New York.

If they violate the new ordinance, a $50 fine could come into play as well as doing community service. It was almost a unanimous vote; one that came down to an 8-1 vote.

Terrebonne Parish Councilwoman Beryl Amedee was

the only member who voted against the ordinance,

claiming it violates

Americans’ constitutional right to free expression.

There have been other bans for saggy pants in six Louisiana cities, as well as one in Florida and Georgia.

I, personally, cannot stand and don’t understand saggy pants. I don’t want to see someone’s behind when I’m walking behind them on the street. And Lord, it does not make sense when you’re walking behind someone and they are holding their pants yet they purposely sagged them! What is the point? Just buy a belt. I understand Amedee’s point of free expression, but what is honestly being expressed for this action? Nope, put on a belt and pull them up.

Do you agree with the ban? Do you think that it violates free expression?