Hausas in the Southeast should not be afraid, but we’ll soon declare a full scale war against the North – MASSOB

MASSOBLeader of Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has expressed utter discomfort over the continuous killing of the Igbo in the northern parts of the country as he said the Igbo nation would consider an option of declaring war against the North if pushed to the wall.

Uwazuruike made this known at the wedding ceremony of the daughter of former Chairman of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, in Obinugu community in Imo State. He said the Igbo nation had borne the pains of sustained killing of their kinsmen in the northern parts of the country by terrorist groups for too long, contending that the issue, to members of his group, has assumed a more dangerous dimension which he said demanded an urgent attention.

He said the Igbo would not fold their arms while recording the highest casualty in the killing fields of the north, warning that MASSOB would soon engage the North in a bloody war to avenge the killing of innocent Ndigbo, who he said, have been plying their trades in the troubled northern zone. He however assured the Hausa community in the Southeast of adequate protection, disclosing that there won’t be reprisal.

His words: “The Hausa community living in the Southeast should not be afraid, no one will attack them. We are not going to resort to reprisals but will soon declare a full scale war against the North. We can’t take it anymore. We will take the war to their doorsteps now.”


  1. I concode to this move by MASSOB enough of this killings in the name of Allah, if the Allah is a supernatural being let him (Allah) fight his battle why is he relying on human help?

  2. na wash na so dem don talk tire but them no go act igbo and christians are just sheer cowards.NONSENSE, they can do nothing more than dead goats hahaahah hw many timed even as u dey talk igbos are continually dying and u dey marriage ceremony after much beer e open im mouth dey yan gas

  3. Maris or whatever you call yourself, you are a bigger fool than i thought. You have the gut to open your useless mouth to critise a right move on right direction. I learnt that death of innocent people in north means nothing to you. when next you say any jagon of this nature may amadioha strike your dirty mouth shut idoit. Anti igbos.

  4. well , the problem we have is igbo politicians in the government, if uwazuruike has been supported long ago the issue of senseless killings of the igbos would have stopped for long.ndi oji umunneha erijuafo, ..GOD will hold the british and united nations responsible for the blood of the igbos in northern nigeria

  5. Maris or magot u re a big fool watch out n see if don’t repent n confess ur sin, if not u will not live to see d end of dis year.

  6. u igbos ur word does not surprise me,bc if not of d british colonize u,u wld never civilize,many time johnathan used ur ppl 2 carry several attacks on ur ppl,just 4 a token amount of money,and catch dem red handed, ur prob is ignorance or using here say,while u ar busy taking beer inside a bush,u have 2 blame GEJ now b4 its too late 4 u.


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