Monalisa Chinda: I hate being a single mother


Beautiful Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda, in a recent interview with Showtime Magazine, answered intimate questions about her former marriage and love life.

Read the exclusive interview with “Showtime” below:

Do you still believe in love?
I believe in love.Love is the reason for our existence.It’s really not enough if you want to get something done,you have to do away with that emotion and be real.

We learnt that you are planning to go into marriage again,is it true?
I would love to remarry.Infact, I am designed to be under a man.I am not going to lie that I like this single mother nomenclature.But wherever there is one at the moment one is bound to get used to the situation.It is not a do or die affair because one has been there before,anything I have to do now must be done right.
I am not in the school of thought where the first one happened and perhaps the second one .No any bold step I have to take in settling down must be right.I am not ready to make another mistake but I will definitely remarry.I believe in the principles of marriage whether you like it or not marriage is a better option.

How soon are planning to settle down?
I honestly do not know about that and I can’t tell for now.

Have you found love again?
It’s neither here nor there.I am a lover and I love to love.

Your fans will want to know if there is any man in your life at the moment?
Yes, there is a man in my life.

Lanre Nzeribe, right?
No comment.This is my private life.

People are alleging that you are pregnant for him?
You can see that I am not pregnant.Naturally I am not pregnant for anybody.

What do you regret most about your past?
One thing I regret most is the fact that I am divorced. Where I come from I am the first daughter.I am from a royal family. It has never been on record that the first daughter will walk out of her matrimonial home.But it is a matter of life and death otherwise I would have stayed back and make my marriage work.I tried to make it work but it takes two people to tango. That’s the only thing I regret,raising my child without the father.It’s a bit painful.But I have to live with it.It’s better that way than to expose my daughter to all sorts of domestic violence. It will definitely disorient her and affect her upbringing. She will be dis-functional. God knows the best,may I should be more careful.