Project Fame West Africa Music Competition Will Always Favour Nigeria, Comes Under Criticism from African Viewers


Reality TV show “Project Fame” started out to to show off the abundant musical talent of West Africa. However the show seem to have turned into a one-man riot. Nigeria, the giant of Africa and most populous African country, has taken total domination of the show. There has been a loud outcry from other participants of various other West-African countries about how the winner always emerges from Nigeria.

Here’s a tweet from one aggrieved fan: @adwartin : I don’t find it relevant to Ghana if we never win @MTN_ProjectFame even when we come so close or have what it takes. Maybe MTN should go back to its drawing board & make it “Regional” as it should be.

The voting method has made it certain that the other three West-African nations remain just participants and never actual winners. However you view the situation is painful but the fact remains that Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, and it’s not her fault that the criteria to win the Project Fame prize is by single votes. The organizers should been held responsible for this because they would have altered the voting method.

“It’s never going to be okay for Ghana, Liberia or Sierra Leone who come every year just to participate,” says 2010 Project Fame finalist Anis Holloway. “With the criteria to win being by votes, Nigeria will always win given their population. It doesn’t seem fair to the others.”

With the preparations for its 6th edition on the way, West Africa is hoping some changes are going to be made.

“I don’t blame Nigerians winning all the time. But we look towards a better show every year and remarkable changes from every participant careless your country. All of the contestants are amazing but the best always win,” says “Project Fame” judge TY Mix.


  1. the projectfame show is a show that has given opportunity to lots of talents and i understand the sentiments coming in about nigeria producing the winners these past years,i disagree that its because of the population of nigeria,majority of nigerians dont even vote,every participant has a fan base and its the job of participants to use the opportunity they have to reach out to their fans through the opportunities provided by the show,well i sypathise with other west african countries,the best always wins.Though what i would suggest to the producers is that to give these other west african participants a sense of belonging,project fame should be rotated yearly from one west african country to the other,the show could be taken to ghana next year and so on,so that everyone could get that sense of belonging.Or on the contrary each country shoud run their own project fame yearly that means we would get winners from the various participating countries by this way,they would reach out to more talented african,like for example the voice is organised in different countries customised for each country,so is the Xfactor and the Idol,i think project fame already has the popularity to do that.I love the show and it brings african talents together in one room which is good,but we must reach out more to every west african.

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