The Actress Who Lost Her Husband To Stella Damasus Speaks

Many people have been waiting to hear from Doris Simeon, the estranged with of Daniel Ademinoka on the issue of losing her husband to her fellow actress, Stella Damasus. Stella Dimokokorkus was able to speak with Doris on the controversy.

See details of the findings plus more below….
Beautiful Actress Doris Simeon is currently the centre of attention as her Ex hubby Daniel Ademinokan has supposedly married another controversial actress, Stella Damasus.The news went viral went it came out and though I am still doing some fact finding, I decided to call Doris to hear what she can tell me as regards everything that has happened.

I wanted to know if she and Stella were friends at all
I wanted to know when exactly the ‘snatching’ started.
I wanted to know how she felt/feels
I wanted to know why she didn’t do anything to stop what had happened when it was happening.

I asked so many questions but Doris told me in a voice which sounded full of pain that at this time she just wants to concentrate on her work and forget about what has happened because:

”It has already happened…….”
She kept saying ”No comment”……The fifth..Doris stood her ground on not wanting to talk or exchange words with anyone and I respect her stand.

I told her ”Doris, you have a lot of support right now, why don’t you talk, your fans want to know so much….”Doris begged for privacy at this time and I understood and let her be.

Doris Simeon has a son with Daniel Ademinokan and I guess she is trying to keep it clean for her son’s sake.

When Doris and Daniel were Married I used to tell Daniel they were the best couple in town, their love was so plain to see. I don’t know what went wrong. I don’t know how or when Stella Damasus came into the picture.I don’t know how or when Stella and Daniel met and started dating but I still think Doris needs to paint the real picture of what happened to help others going through similar situation and too embarrassed to talk out…… those too ashamed to let anyone know.

I know from fact findings that Stella and Daniel are a pair and they have several investments together which suggests they plan/want to stay together.

Source: SDK’s Blog


  1. I really feel for Doris, i can imagine what she ll be going through right now. Stella shd be ashamed of herself, is this love for real or for money? Why does she think she can be happy by making someone sad? Doris wait patiently & see the end of this kind of union!

  2. Stella must be very shameless to have done this terrible thing.. Has she forgotten that she has two girls forThe popular and respected Aboderin family of Ibadan??? Oh stella! She should have looked elsewhere…. It is a shame! Doris, wait patiently and you will laugh a great deal…

  3. What’s all this? Why should she b ashamed? Please editor let me know if they were still legally married before Stella came into the picture. Where they? If ‘yes’ then I’m strongly against what Stalla did, but if ‘No’ then what’s all the foaming about? Ex is ex! Your no more married which otherwise means u can be married to who ever u choose to – so does he! Who ever he chooses to marry is non of ur business as well as any body’s, even if he chooses ur sister, as long as she has consented to it that’s where you watch ur hands off.

  4. utter rubbish!!! anyone defending stella shd go stick their head up their stinking black ass! if doris had an issues wth her husband nd ws headed for a breakup why did we not hear it? doris ws jst naive while stella ws busy fucking the man!!!

  5. God bless u @victor..@Fabian must be out of her senses..she’s probably talkin shit cuz she’s nt yet aint easy watchin d fada of ur child walkin away frm u,nt only dt,gettin married to anoda woman so so painful.

  6. God have mercy on us. Marriage is meant for matured minds and not for babies. A man who is not ready for marriage should not go into it. when u rush into marriage without being prepared to face and handle situations, u will rush out. women there are lots of work to be done to keep ur home and that marriage work. marriage is not a bed of roses. it’s a learning and training ground. Nobody is perfect and no home is perfect too. Patience, tolerance, humility, submission, having the fear of God and many others goes a long way to help our marriages. I’m tired of seeing big parties during weddings and at the end of the day the marriage can’t work. then why this one day show?

  7. Why dont u walk up strait to Hubby Daniel and Stella to ask them how the came about it. How would the poor woman knw everythng that happend. If u realy wants to investigate and tell the fans what happend go to the foolish so couple and ask them. Stop distorbing that poor inocent woman

  8. If this is true, I’m really disappointed in you stella. I don’t expect such from u. I rate you high but now I don’t know what to think of you. You are just like the rest of them. I hate it when marriage crumbles irrespective of who is at fault. If they are not getting consolation outside they can work it out but with shoulder to cry on meeehn! No coming back.

  9. Pls dis guys are adults & know whats for dem,its a free world. Whatz d big deal, Is it bcos they are celebrities? Na Nig or should i say Africa dis 1 new o. Doris may even b d 1@ fault. abeg

  10. what if stella was dating daniel b4 doris? what if doris came whn they broke up? what if it was done nd dusted btw doris nd daniel b4 stella came in… i will also assume stella knew daniel b4 doris… y is daniel not 2 b blamed?… so many que i need answered

  11. Nobody knows wat wnt wrong pls lets nt rush into jugement and more over der are matured and know wats gud for them, pls de jugemental attitude is nt needed here.

  12. 4 cryin out loud, wotz d *speaks* here! She said notin! Nd ur headline is shoutin *speaks*…..
    nd 4 u fans-turn-judges! dnt jst hear one sided story nd chuz wia to stnd! non av dem av said anytin yet!! nd al of u an on Stella!



  14. I have just 2 comments, for the one who wrote the half baked article-why is it that your title seldom match the body of the article in this country of ours, your article did not reveal anything. For all those condemning Stella, I believe you have no such rights until you get to the bottom of the story. Let’s learn to be more patient.

  15. Do not judge so ye may not be judged. You had a one sided story and you are already judging. Pls let’s guide our ul trances cos life is abt give and take. Something must hv gone wrong somewhere. Pls Leave Stella alone she is not a baby and she knows what is right. Pls all these abusive words is not fair .

  16. Stella whateva might be the case, u r wrong biblically. Don’t forget d scripture which says dat if husband nd wife decide to part their ways, they two must remain unmarried. If u need a husbsnd,go for a single man nt a divorcee. I see nd respect u as a woman of integrity for dis report shuldnt b heard abt u. Tink abt it.

  17. how come everytime something like this happens we blame only the girl and not the boy. Its just crazy and i agree there is always two sides to a story but if stella is at fault, it was a mean thng to do and also wrong but she shouldnt take all the blame.if anybody is to be blamed its d man afta all in africa women dont ask men for their hands in marriage

  18. We cannot judge by mere listening to one side of the story.
    Stella is a widow, she needs love.
    Doris is a young woman, she needs her home.
    The man in question might be the problem.
    Do you care to know what is happening in the home?
    There is no flame without fire.

  19. No man/woman is lost who doesn’t want to be lost. While you all cast stones at Stella, sit back a while and consider the man in question also. Couldn’t Doris have chased her husband off into the arms of another woman? Why then do you take her as a saint and Stell as a villain? Shut up if you don’t know the truth!

  20. I really feel for Doris, i can imagine what she ll
    be going through right now. Stella shd be
    ashamed of herself, is this love for real or for
    money? Why does she think she can be happy
    by making someone sad? Doris wait patiently
    & see the end of this kind of union!

  21. I am yet to believe this story but if its true then stella must be a hopeless woman and a disgrace to womanhood.
    But I know one thing for sure dt if it is not d will of God dt marriage shall no stand and last

  22. Its quite unfortunate dat Stella Damasus is not living a gud exemplary life. She as an actress shld live beyond scandal. Anyway very soon she wll soon be out of third marriage. Shameless har**t. Doris just b prayerful, hold ur peace God Almighty wll fight for u.

  23. Stella y all dis, I could remember how u were insulting Lola Alao now u’ve done worst. Doris pls be prayerful, let c their out come

  24. a i le soro ibere oriburuku looking like mumu u,may b she is flirting as well.and as 4 stella jericho u believ u can b happy by makin another sad.this is a seasonal film it wont wil v being enjoyin pple empathy even if u need a man,u just need a man that wil make u happy this daniel wil never escape this lion den.may allah allow ur ogede last ,u would v over use it on stella damascus abi stella corinthian

  25. OMG………i just feel sorry 4 Doris simeon cux even wen a bf &gf breakup i knw how it is let alone a married couple,may God restore u bak ur happiness

  26. WOW!!! Use to respect stella a lot, nva knew she was just lik others, such a shame. Doris just b prayerful, d lord is ur strength.

  27. Mehnn! I don’t see d reason y u guys shud push d blame to Stella alone. There are questions u need 2ask b4 reaching 2conclusion; y don’t u hear her own side of d story b4 judging? Who knows if d man does not find happiness, peace or rather joy in his ex? In Africa, is it not d man dat comes 4d woman’s hand in marriage?
    I tink d man needs joy, peace and happiness, so does Stella also.

  28. My companion and My partner and i stumbled above here different web site and thought I should check things out. I similar to what I see so i am just following anyone. Look ahead to overlooking your website repeatedly.

  29. Doris dear, earnestly i like the way, u didn’t say any thing on air concerning this issue, just hand everything to Almighty God. But Doris, if you can be able to confront her mildly and politely, just try clam ur nerves, thou i know it will be too hard for u, but try (I mean Stella) one and one OR face to face discussion just two of you settle this issue maturely and amicably i mean, it will do two you good, at times issues like this are good to handle this way and finally two of you will be best of friends, then the MAN in question will be so CONFUSE and REGRET. My dear Doris, again, you know at times our men behave’s so stupidly and remember that women are weaker cells (no matter what, and what any woman think she is, MEN deceives us so easily, MEN are still de Dominion of every thing, God made it dat way not me and u) As for Stella honestly i don’t know what came over her to do a thing like this. (STELLA OF ALL PEOPLE)

  30. See how you people are taking panadol for another man’s headache, instead of removing the log in your eyes so you can see clear before removing another’s, instead of thinking on how to make your home a better one avoiding this kind of problem from happening to you, you are judging. whatever be the case, God knows the best.

  31. I still love her,stella is not to be blamed cos the guy said they are not dating they are musical friends it unfair stop judging wat you dnt no even if she snatch the guy it best known to her im not beefing i love doris too.

  32. I still loves her,stella is not to be blamed cos the guy said they are not dating they are musical friends it unfair stop judging wat you dnt no even if she snatch the guy it best known to her im not beefing i love doris too.

  33. Sincerely I dnt knw wie to start frm. I dnt want to be judgemental buh even at dat I’ll still want my opinin knwn. According to d info I have I learnt Stella Damasus remarried after d dearth of her hubby and I was really happy for her, dnt knw wat went wrg wit dat union. I wld have sugested dat she take tins easy not rushing into anoda marriage. And even if she will, it shud nt have bin her colleague’s hubby no matter wat it is. I feel so bad rite now cos she has suceeded in giving his late hubby’s pple d opportunity to confirm all d tins dey sed abt her after d death of her hubby. Stella Damasus is one actress dat I hold in high esteem, buh seriously dis is so below wie I placed her. Buh sincerely d last couple dat I expect to break up is Daniel n Doris they were jst too perfect comb. Watch ONITEMI den u’ll undastand better.

  34. I will be d last person 2b supryz cos I ve always seen nd known dis industry as a prostituting industry,cos I ve met wit an actor who boldly open up to me dat in nollywood men dnt disturb 4 sex rada d ladies beg u for it in oda 2 ve better roles 2 play

  35. I don’t know the genesis of the problem or time to blame anybody,but no matter what I just lost my respect for stella cos I use to love her,the industry is meant to build and not to destroy,you can’t tell me there was nothing going on between stella and danniel,stella would have considered her fellow woman,since her hubby died she has been flirting around now I know why her hubby people never liked her,she will say it doesn’t matter,what people say matters,you are a public figure and should be a role model,I wonder what kind of up bringing she is giving her daughter! Danniel too u fucked up why can’t you settle ur home it is for better or worse than going for a public toilet

  36. all of u sayin culdnt Doris av chased her husband if it was d woman who did dis wold d man av chased her?even if stella met danie b4 he got married 2 doris did anybody stop him frm gettin married 2 stella? D man has decided wat shld she av done? A reasonable man nd responsible jst cant leave his wife nd child 2 go 4 anoda woman. And if @ll he wanted 2 get married mst it b an Actress nd a celeb as his Wife. No need 2 hear daniel nd stellas part of d story cux bot stella nd daniel r worng mst importantly dey r not even devorced 4 cryin out loud

  37. It is still difficult to believe and if yes, I pity Stell and the man. It cannot last, I’m very sure. Why is she blaming Yerima for what he did? No little sin in the sight of God. No matter what Doris must have done for her husband, is she in the right senses to take him away. Opa ti a fi na iyaale ni , o n be loke aja fun iyawo. Instead of her to face her children and her career, she is busy teaching the young ones how to get loosed. Loosing your husband at a tender age is not the end of the world. Painting the town red is neither a solution. I wish this message can get to Stella, I really like her so much


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