There Is Nothing Like MEND – Dokubo-Asari

Niger-Delta-militants_0Former Niger Delta militant leader, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, has described the Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) as a “faceless” organisation.

He also dismissed the group’s reported plan to resume fresh hostilities to save Christians from Boko Haram violence.

“There is nothing like MEND,” Dokubo-Asari said while fielding questions from journalists during a visit to the State House on Monday.

Information Nigeria recalls that the MEND, through its spokesman, Gbomo Jomo, on Sunday said it would from May 31, in an exercise codenamed Operation Barbarossa, attack mosques and Islamic clerics

But Dokubo-Asari in his reaction, said the current MEND was only a media creation adding that the authentic one existed as a pressure group for releasing him and former Bayelsa State Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha from detention.

Dokubo-Asari said, “I am a Muslim, I do not subscribe to attacking religious centres of worship. I do not believe that MEND exists; I have always said there is nothing like MEND.

“MEND is just the figment of the imagination of people, it’s on the Internet and newspapers, but who is MEND? Nobody can really tell you who MEND is.

“MEND was formed, only for the purpose of my release and that of Alamieyeseigha when we were in detention. MEND leaders are not known anywhere like other organisations like the Ijaw Youth Council, OPC and so on.

“MEND actually is faceless because Henry Okah himself has denied that he is not the leader of MEND in court under oath” he stated.



  1. de say violence beget violence, so lets hope there is actually nothin lik MEND as asari said. but i belive dat wen de hunted learn to hunt his hunter then the huntin game will be over; so since the BH members dont want to accept amnesty, then believe me i’m a volunteer to MEND. i mean dis is non-sense, we’ve been together and everytin was movin smoothly all of a sudden bonb blast here and there. if tins continue the way de are goin; i tell u, MEND will spring-up wit full force

  2. Asari Dokubo is just one person among millions of youths in the N/D region. That, it is well with him today, doesn’t mean it is well with every other person. In as much as i don’t subscribe to any religious conflict, Asari should stop imposing his own will on others. If there’s nothing like MEND, is there anything like NDPVF? which he is the leader. And who was responsible for all those agitations during the N/D crisis?

  3. the truth is that asari is mad.what does he knw? after fightn for his selfish self,,the whole truth about the BH is that they are not against nigerians but against xtains and the president….for me am fully insupport of MEND when the time comes for recruitment of men i will willinly join to face this matter squerely…..HAA…IZON