2015 War Threats: Resign If You Can’t Call Asari To Order, NLC Tells Jonathan

NLCGEJNigeria Labour Congress  on Thursday advised President Goodluck Jonathan to ‘resign’ if he cannot check the ‘unguarded utterances’ of ex-militant, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari.

Making this stance known in Kaduna against the backdrop of comments by the former Ijaw Youth Council President that Nigeria will not know peace if Jonathan is not reelected for a second term of four years, NLC Vice-President, Issa Aremu lamented the negative effects of insecurity on the textile industry in the north, noting that charlatans had taken over the reins of governance in the country.

He lamented the President’s inability to bring the situation under control saying he looked “helpless and incapable”.

Describing Dokubo-Asari’s comments as “unguarded”, the labour leader said the likes of the ex-militant should be cautioned to save the nation’s democracy.

Calling on the President to give a state of the nation address, Aremu expressed regrets that people of questionable character were the ones speaking on behalf of the President instead of those constitutionally  empowered to do so.

He said, “Dokunbo-Asari cannot speak for Nigeria because he is not  elected by any Nigerian to speak on his or her behalf.

“President Jonathan has relevant aides to speak for Nigerians, not dubious people and charlatans talking about the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as if they are addressing a Banana Republic.

“These are little rats that have no sense of Nigerian history. They must be cautioned by President Jonathan.

“President Jonathan should resign if  he refuses to check these unguarded utterances.

“Jonathan and all stakeholders irrespective of their party affiliation should come together and find lasting peace in the country for development.”


  1. I was surprise by this statement bcos we all know that dokubo is speaking on behalf of GEJ. So what else did you expect from GEJ than to keep mute and turn deaf ear to all rubbish his spokes man is saying


  3. Who should resign? is it the wise man that knows that 1 man’s cannot shake the Nation or a cerimonial Leader who is controled by old fools to insult th President? Aremu, be guided, The President is the No 1 Man in the Country.

  4. All of u who say NLC president is a fool are urselves very stupid & dumb 4 not allowing reason (if u have any) to determine u position. The real fools r all of u who support & embrace the careless & stupid utterances of a common thug.. That’s how we know him. Shame of a nation.

    • Sok or stupid idiotic fellow like you, who supports such utterances if not a bastard like you, when buhari said he wud make nigeria hell if not elected is that not a stipid utterance or ur brain is.dunmb to realize its stupid utterance he made and now he is bombing innocent pple, am sure you are one of them, boko haram is dere its asari dokuboh that u tribalistic fanatics can cee

  5. Dont be stupid, he said GEJ should resign if he fails to call Asari to order, not for what the later said!! can’t you people understand english. Abi na broken una only hear?

  6. Let’s face facts, in the united states, if a single citizen dies under violence, the president addresses the nation, we shouldn’t be sentimental about this, where in the world does an ex militia who doesn’t hold an elective post speak on behalf of the president. Gej does not have what it takes to rule nigeria, he was never the best candidate the south south could produce. Nigeria is bigger than dokubo, the north and even the president, and as such they should stop toying with the affairs of the nation.

  7. BUHARI & ATIKU make a comment during the last election they started killing people specialy people from the south south and south east, and you people did not call buhari and atiku to order now you are talking about asari just wait till 2015 you will see.

  8. i stand on y d nlc said,two wrong cannot make a right,if northerners has made such claimed inflammatory statement nd we r suffering today nd d president knows d state of insecurity of ds country,he shld b patrotic enough to call asari to order if he is speaking for him as claimed,d country shld not continue to boil becos when it will start a common man will b d casualty nd they will run to dubai wit their family for shelter

  9. FOR CLARITY SAKE: There is a big difference in the statements made by Buhari and Asari.
    BUHARI:2011- “those who will make peaceful change impossible will make violent change inevitable. Also, 2012-“come 2015, that both dogs and baboon will be soaked in blood if the election is rigged.
    ASARI: If GEJ fail in his continuity as President in 2015, Nigeria will be in chaos and will know no peace.
    ANALYSIS: Buhari’s conditional statement implied that if there was rigging in elections, there will be violence. Anyone could say such and we say this almost everyday. For instance, in competitions, one could say if you cheat me I will retaliate violently. Note that I did not say if I don’t win, I will retaliate. Asari’s statement wasn’t about competing but on imposition, devoid of competition. In essence Buhari is saying let’s compete fairly through election without cheating otherwise I will fight back but Asari is saying no need for election GEJ must be President(any which way) otherwise I will fight. BIG DEMARCATION

  10. why ar nigerians facing shadows instead of realities, according 2 some Northern leader if they dont win election in 2011, Nigeria will be ungovornable nd with present killings in some part of the country, as a matter fact to an extent that security officials ar nt safe. The N. L. C av never asked the cheif security fficers of Kano, Yobe, Borno nd Nassarawa state to resign bt N. L. C iis GEJ tall Asari Dokubb to order. To me the N. L. C leadership is helping this country

  11. Asari need to withdraw his statement. Cos average Nigerian know that GEJ can not control this nation. For some timE now a little group has made this country ungovernable without a credible action from our so call toothless Dog President. Nlc has a good point let stop fool ourself

  12. Who is this Issa Aremu and for who is he speaking. It’s a pity many never do wells ride on the back of Nigeria Labour Congress to stardom. Who made him political or security adviser to the president. Since he was made NLC chief, what significant ting has he done fir the upliftment of the lives of Nigerian workers to warrant his advice to the president ? For example, in Mozambique where I live and work, Labour union work with the Ministry of Labour to checkmate ministries, companies and individuals who employ labourers to make sure workers rights are not infringed. Every worker here gets contracts and no employer can sack workers without due process. Here every worker receives at least minimum wage. When a worker is wounded on the course of his duties he can’t have his job terminated unjustly without adequate compensations just to mention but a few. Most of these attributes and guides are not followed in Nigeria labour norms. Most Nigerians have lost parts of their bodies or lives working yet no compensations. I know some Nigerians who lost their hands through machine operations in Indian owned companies and are sacked without anybody helping to fight for their rights. These are the things NLC should be pre-occupied with rather than indulge in political issues and using NLC jobs as a tool to get popularity to come back tomorrow to vie for political position and office. Let someone close to this man warn him to mind his office and business.

  13. Why do we nigerians act stupid like dis, president shuid resign if he can’t call asari dokuboh to order, let buhari,ibb, sultan n co resign or shudnt contest if they can’t call boko haram to order,the house is on fire, its ur credentials dts burnt that u are after

  14. We are just being too emotional abt issues. We should always trace matters to their roots. The Niger Delta pp see GEJ as their last hope., good or bad they will defend him. Let 2015 come, we will see if only the ijaw and Dokunbo can make him win.

  15. NLC president should short his mouth if he has nothing good to say about this nation, when some persons say they we make Nigeria ungovernable, where was the NLC president, why is asari dokubo comment different, since the northerners feel they have the right to say anything they like, so also the southerners

  16. Atleast to some extent NLc has right to sPeak on crucial issues like this,bkos the voice of NLc is the voice of Nigerians,but as for asari or arsara i don,t tink he is suPose to make such statment,bkos with wht he jst said,it showed hw uneducated a Person he can be who all he kan do is to swim & catch fish,he dosen,t knw the meaning of franchise,election,Nigerians voted for gej not bkos of south south PPle bt for jst For th kind of Person they see gej as,if not for that the whole south south cannot even win Primary election if all of them vote for gej,talkless wining general election

  17. NLC you have all failed nigerians,please you all should resigned first and summit yourselves to EFCC,then you all should petition buhari,keita lawal,atiku,governor babangida aliyu to the inspector general,then finally you will all write an apology letter to Mr President & Asari Dokubo,fools.

  18. I will say dat president jonathan is d cause of all dis insults given to his person by these rifrafs. If he can only prove to them dat he is commander in chief of armmed forces this rubbish will stop.