70 Female Truck Drivers Employed In Lagos

Gov.-Babatunde-Raji-Fashola1About 70 women have been employed as truck drivers by the Lagos State Government as part of measures to empower women in the state.

The Deputy Governor, Mrs Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, who announced this on Friday at a news conference in Ikeja organised to mark Gov. Babatunde Fashola`s sixth year in office, said that the women had been trained on driving heavy duty vehicles before they were deployed to the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) as waste truck drivers.

“We are also considering training and empowering women as taxi drivers” she announced with glee.

“We are currently examining some security risks that these women might face driving taxis. But we hope to partner with some hotels in the state on how we can attach some of these female taxi drivers to them so that we can track who they are dropping off in case there is a problem,” she said.

Orelope-Adefulire, who oversees the Ministry of Women Empowerment, stressed that gender equality and women empowerment were top on the agenda of the Fashola administration.

She further listed a number of skills acquisition centres across the state established by the government, saying that thousands of women had acquired trade skills there and added that women entrepreneurs who were in need of tools and equipment for their trades had also been assisted by the government.


  1. Ds is an unfair treatment of females by d state govt, if dey’re out of ideas abt how 2 empower women dey should say so not giving women ds type of wrk dat even many men can’t do. Madam deputy gov can y don’t u ask some of ur close female fmly member 2 join d trade,its d same camouflage accustom to govt in Nigeria across levels.

  2. When I wrote there was a limit to what women should do or not do; I was accused of purporting sexist theory. A woman was not built to drive heavy duty cars! We are looking for equality;yes not suicide mission!

  3. the rate of employment is increasing everyday. the lagos state government did not forced the super hero women to take the job, their present condition did. so for those super hero women that can realy do this job, this is their opportunity….