Drogba Hits back at Fernerbache Fans after a Racist Taunt.

The Racist Taunt Aimed at Drogba and Eboue of Galatasaray.
The Racist Taunt Aimed at Drogba and Eboue of Galatasaray.

Former African Footballer of the Year Didier Drogba has hit back at the racist abuse he suffered from Fernebahce fans in the Istanbul on Sunday.

The duo of Drogba and compatriot Emmanuel Eboue were subjected to monkey chants from crowd as Fernaebahce cruised to a 2-1 victory.

Drogba insinuated on Galatasaray Facebook page that the fans should learn to have a rethink before carrying out such discriminatory acts, as both of the opposition’s goals were scored by a Cameroonian, Pierre Webo.

“You call me monkey but cried when Chelsea beat Fernerbahce in 2008, you called me monkey but you jumped in front of your screen when I won the Champions League.

“You called me monkey but you got mad when I became champion with Galatasaray and the saddest thing is you call me monkey and forgot that you jumped when my ‘monkey’ brother scored twice yesterday… and you call yourself a true fan? Check all the Galatasaray fans comments and learn from them.”

The racial abuse this time came from a man who claimed to be a supporter of Turkish football club Fernerbache, holding a banana in his hand as Galatasaray players arrived.

Meanwhile, the man later denied the incident on a local television show that he had the fruit in his hand to eat but declined to give his name.

“I didn’t wave the banana with the aim of racism, I just joined a jeering against (Galatasaray goalkeeper Fernando) Muslera.

“I am not like that. I apologise to Fernebahce and Galatasaray fans,” he added.

After the fiery clash between the two Istanbul rivals, it was later confirmed that a Fernebahce fan was killed on his way home from the match by a group, purportedly Galatasaray fans.