Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Consider Calling Paris Home Permanently!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were recently spotted checking out hospitals in Paris.

Unlike previous speculation, the reality rumors circulating the internet, the reality TV mega star isn’t looking to give birth in the capital of France! Instead, it appears she’s been meeting with potential doctors…because she’s agreed to live with Kanye in the city of lights for six months after giving birth to their first child! And if it all goes as the rapper wants it to, she’ll be setting up residence with him there PERMANENTLY!

A source disclose that

Kanye has his heart set on it. And when Kanye wants something, Kanye gets it. Period. He’s obsessed with moving to Paris. Kim’s mother Kris Jenner is adamant that it’s a terrible idea. She’s worried. The baby will be born at Cedars Sinai [hospital in Los Angeles] where her niece and nephew were born. Kim loves Paris but would never give birth to her first child away from her family. She met with doctors in Paris so she could set up for the child’s first six months. She has agreed to spend the first six months in Paris with Kanye and their child.”

Obviously, Kim has professional and personal obligations to her family, but she also is have to begin taking into consideration her priorities for her NEW family, which will soon be here, and do what’s best for them!