Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye West: He is Not Gay


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been fighting rumors that her baby daddy Kanye West is gay and getting close to another man and has exclusively learned that she was “horrified” by the comments.

“Kim couldn’t even believe that people were saying that Kanye was gay,” a source close to the reality superstar said.

“She flat out said that that the rumors and reports are absurd.”

A report in a weekly magazine claimed that Kanye was getting close to a man that Kim knows and the two have been spending time together in New York and Paris.

And Kanye has previously been linked to the same man, as numerous people commented on the Web.

Kim is expecting her first child with Kanye this summer and their relationship has been strained lately so this latest barrage of attacks against him have really tested their romance.

Due to their schedules they have spent more time apart then together.

Another factor putting stress on their relationship is Kanye’s dislike of photographers following him everywhere when he’s with Kim, who thrives on keeping her name and image in the mainstream public.

Earlier this week Kanye flipped out when he bumped his head on a sign, because he was looking down while walking as photographers annoyed him.

Now the gay rumors have added more discomfort to the relationship.

“These attacks against Kanye really seemed to hit home for Kim,” the source said about the pregnant.

“She said that she can take criticism about her weight or her family but when people attack Kanye it really hurts her feelings and makes her mad.

“Kim knows that Kanye isn’t gay. She is just dismissing these stories and trying to ignore them completely.”