LGs Fared Better Under Military Rule – NULGE Boss

NULGELocal Governments fared better under military rule than under the current civilian regime, according to the National President of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, Mr. Ibrahim Khaleel.

Khaleel, who was one of the participants of Course 35, at the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS, blamed governors for the state of underdevelopment in the country because of their undue interferance local governments administration.

The NULGE boss made this stance known in an interview in Ado Ekiti on Friday.

He said, “There is no state where the governor does not commit one form of illegality or another. The governors are the clog in the wheel of progress of this country. Most state governments conduct elections into the local government councils in their states at will.

“No reason is sufficient for any governor to deprive the people of democratically elected governments in councils. The governors don’t have the right to appoint caretaker committees to run local government affairs. They are doing that outside the constitution.

“Local government councils were better off under military administration than under these democratically elected governors. Some governors hijack what should be the internally generated revenue of the councils.”

Khaleel who advocated local government autonomy as a means of checking the illegalities allegedly being perpetrated by the governors, asked the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct elections into local governments instead of the current practice where such elections are conducted by the state.

He accused some state governors of deliberately creating confusion to prevent the conduct of elections into local governments.

“It is sad that the governors want to be in charge of local government areas in their states and even want to dictate to the Federal Government. It is sheer greed,” he added


  1. This is the reality of the momment. However, there is no smoke without fire. The entire LG workers (civil servants & politicians) should hold themselves responsible due to mediocrity and hypocricy of the PAST. Governors took advantage of THIS. We sho
    uld always think OBJECTIVELY before we act.