N’Assembly Kicks Against Declaration Of Emergency Rule In Northern States

Mark-and-TambuwalThe National Assembly has emphatically declared that it will not support the imposition of a state of emergency on some northern states as being speculated saying that the move would be ‘premature.’

Speaking separately, the Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Zakari Mohammed, said that lawmakers would not be in a hurry to initiate any call for a state of emergency.

He said rather than solve the problem at hand, it exacerbate the crisis.

“While our committees are working, the House cannot jump the gun to call for a state of emergency.

“We have to wait to receive the reports of our committees, then we take it up from there.

“For now, a state of emergency is premature,” he added.

The Senate in its own reaction to the purported move argued that the violent killings in parts of the North were not enough to warrant the declaration of a state of emergency.

Leader of the Senate, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, who made the position of the upper chamber known on Friday, said:

“A state of emergency is an extreme measure which should be applied as a last resort. The security agencies can handle it and I think they are already on top of the situation.”


  1. This people at the house of rep what are they doing? They are just there runing their mouth like parote. Imagine them saying that the killing is not up to declearing state of emagency they are mad.

  2. It’s sad to read that our law makers are toying with lives of innocent people. I strongly sorport state of emergency to be declared in some of the volatile states in the north. Right now many Christians including indegines are at risk traveling between the following towns: Maiduguri- Dambua road, Maiduguri- Bama/ Banki road, Maiduguri- Mongono/ Baga road and Maiduguri- Gamboru road respectively. The Boko Haram are using new strategy to torment Christians. They abduct, maim and kill Christian travelers on those routes. Even in Maiduguri right now Indeginious Christians are targeted silently. This crisis in not political, it’s a religious war against a Christian president and Christians. If you doubt it call any Christians residing in Maiduguri. Don’t listen to these dumb Muslims, they support the Boko Harams and like what they are doing. God will save Nigeria.

  3. yes,state of emergency in sokoto,madugeri,kano,yobe,zamafara and kaduana states let their be military take over in those states,sen and rep were disappointing,how many lives should we loose in this country before something can be done.?