Singer Zara Gretti’s Improving Health Condition.


Singer Zara Gretti has been battling multiple sclerosis for a while now. Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord which could lead to death.

The singer who could not talk, walk or see with her left eye left the hospital two months ago has reasons to smile now (literally),  she admitted that she is doing much better now. She sent a Blackberry broadcast message to her contacts and this is what it read:

Two months out the hospital where I almost died. I now speak and walk small small. My Halleluyah acres supplements are expensive. Wanna help? You can wire me funds from out the country (U.S), or put $ in my account. I’m not afraid to ask. I wanna live a long healthy life! Thank you. Margaret-Mary – Zara Gretti

Please pray for Zara and if possible support her financially. We all need each other to survive