Tears, Anguish As Communication Mast Crushes Father Of Twins


Tears poured freely down the cheeks of many when a communication mast fell on Adeolu Adeleke yesterday, killing him instantly.

Adeleke, 52, popularly called ‘Baba Ibeji’, according to eye witnesses, met an ill-fated end when a telecommunication mast fell on him as he attempted to run across the popular marina street to fetch a waterproof cover for his wares as it was about to rain.

The deceased was a road side seller of telephone accessories.

“Why? Why? Why him? So life can be over like this in just a twinkle of an eye?” a perturbed friend of the victim, Peter Olorunishola, lamented.

Continuing, Olorunishola described Adeleke as a perfect gentleman, industrious and loved to be with people irrespective of their tribe or creed.

“He was my very good friend, very hard working and peaceful. We were both selling chargers for phones and laptops and other goods. I was waiting for the rain to stop so that we could meet but before the rain even stopped, I was told he had been knocked down.

“When I got here, I realised that he was crushed to death by a communication mast. We will never meet again here on earth. We will never share jokes again. We will never share business ideas again. Baba Ibeji is gone,” Olorunishola lamented.

Another colleague of Adeleke, who identified himself as Abdullahi Musa raised the pertinent question of safety of such masts as he revealed that the same mast once collapsed although there was no casualty until yesterday’s incident.

“This particular mast was erected on top of a segment of the building. It collapsed about three years ago but nobody was killed. They re-erected it and today, it has wasted this man’s life” he lamented.

The body of the deceased was taken away from the scene by the Nigeria Police at about 4.45 p.m.