ThisDay Bomber Wept For Missing Heaven – Witness

aab3962e3b898271901b34a5b2edb53dThe Federal High Court in Abuja on Tuesday heard from a prosecution witness how a suspected Boko Haram member, Mustapha Umar, wept profusely over his failure to die in a suicide mission.

Umar is standing trial for allegedly bombing a plaza accomodating the offices of some newspapers in Kaduna in April 2012.

The witness, a police detective, who interrogated Umar after he was arrested in Kaduna and transferred to Abuja, said Umar was unhappy because his being alive denied him of an opportunity to make heaven.

Testifying while being led in evidence by prosecution counsel, Mr. Simon Labaran, the witness, who was masked and did not disclose his name, narrated how Umar was handed over to him at the Force Criminal Investigation Department, Area 10, Garki, Abuja, after his arrest in Kaduna on April 26, 2012.

He said, “I was serving in Force CID Area 10, Abuja, as a detective in charge of investigation of terrorism cases.

“On April 26, 2012, the accused person was brought from Kaduna and handed over to me for discreet investigation.

“The accused person was involved in the bombing of ThisDay office (in Kaduna).

“He was always crying because the operation he went for failed, he said that he would have been happier if he had died in the operation with people (victims) so that he would be in heaven.”

Confirming that Umar was not tortured to get a confession out of him, the witness informed the court that the suspect made five statements while he was interrogated and received medical care while in custody.



  1. Confused set of human beings…., and don’t be surprised that even the educated one’s among them believed this rubbish. How can killing human created by God with out any moral justification and expect to go yo heaven? Darkness is a terrible thing indeed, and when illiterate people and even educated illiterates are in this kind of darkness, you can imagine what we are facing in nigeria today.

  2. I tried to think what is the relationship between killings and making heaven,this is what mohammed prescribed even if you are observing ur salat regularly and you dont participate in jihad ur ‘din’ is not complete,is this a religion? Al masih was a perfect example of creature he satisfied every character to be called holy lamb.he was humble,cares for the poor. Tell me hw many of these fighters have made it to heaven and comeback to testify to killings and making heaven is the only way to paradise,jesus never enjoined jihad for his followers rather supplication. He enjoined people to love one another and be obedient to God.


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