UTME 2013: House Of Reps Summon JAMB Registrar Over Mass Failure

House-of-Reps-session1-298x295The Registrar of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB), Prof. Dibu Ojerinde has been summoned by the House of Representatives to explain the mass failure recorded by students who sat for the last Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the body.

This development is coming on the heels of a peaceful demonstration by students in Kano state who protested the poor results as well as the withholding of their results over thumb-print verification.

However, explaining the rationale behind the invitation, Chairman, House Committee on Education, Aminu Suleiman (PDP, Kano) said: “We heard that JAMB authorities had formally explained some reasons for the mass failure, this is not enough if the content of the complaints of Nigerians is anything to go by.

“One of the complaints was that concerning the usage of computer for the exam that most of them have never had contact with computer before or that they only learnt the theory without the practical usage of computers.

“It can be recalled that the House passed a resolution asking JAMB not to use computer for the 2013 exams and they said they would make nit optional; but there were still complaints by Nigerians that some students filled the manual or paper option only to find themselves being asked to write the exams using computers”.

Attempting to establish a relationship between the students’ mass failure and the introduction of computers for the examinations, the Chairman noted that most students, especially those in the rural areas lacked pre-requisite computer knowledge to have performed above par.

“The committee have no option that to act accordingly to work towards finding lasting solutions to the perennial failures of Nigerian students,” he said.


  1. i think this frustration why is jamb so unfriendly. Look at people that have read very hard but still find themself failing. What is 300 that 400 nigerian can not score infact this what they call wickedolism of jambolism. Jamb should be careful let them try and do the right thing. God bless nigeria.

  2. What is wrong with this country. What is wrong with our judicary?..Is this our problem. The last time i checked JAMB is an independent body and will you blame them if students refuse to read depending on malpractice to pass??
    Pls this is just some form of irrelevancy. My view anyway.

  3. I do not think Jamb should be blamed for the massive failure. How can students pass Jamb examination when it is a standard examination? Do Nigerian students read? Go back to history and you would find out that before the coming of mobile phones students spend time to read but what do we see today? students spend their time on 2go and spend about 30 mins reading for Jamb exams. How can they pass? when they even browse facebook and twitter when teachers are in the classroom? please tell me how we expect them to perform magic? how can they pass when they have learnt how to have sex in secondary school? please we know the truth.

  4. UTME authorities are not to b blamed 4 stds mass failure cos most of our stds nowadays depend of chips to pass. It apen wen i saw ppl sending jamb results into each oda in xam hall n whc is nt a correct answer. Hw would dey pass?

  5. The falling standard of education in Nigeria lies in d hand of the people in authority.
    Let’s take a look at EXPO ON THE INTERNET. Most of the expos are real and authentic. The question now is, WHO RELEASED THEM?
    If it has never be real, these students would have sit right, because they will understand that NO MANNER, other than reading their books.
    So, let’s call a spade a spade, the authority at the EDUCATION SECTORS should be SANITIZED!!!….

  6. No nid 4 dragng frnds,evn d soul calld supervisors collectd money 2 gv studnts d wrong ansa,so u dnt blame dem cos dey wia convicd dat evn if dey read dat it wount gv dem any mark exept dey pay.so i plead dat dey shld use 180 4 universities nd 160 4 polytechnics cutoff mark cos it wasn’t dia 4ot,thanx

  7. Some people are too innocent about this but they have marked rhem down which is not fair. Some were not given their subjects combinations which was jamb’s fault. Please you can do something o

  8. Hmmm jamb diz year iz problem..i tink doz ppl wo ova pazz’d wer many so dey fail’d many of dem witout dem knwin it bcame a massiv failure.dat wat dey hidin.plz dey should reduce d cut-off mark 2 170.

  9. Youth are suffering 4 admission,some ppl read day and night 2 acquire admission bt at last it was in vain i will advice jamb 2 reduce d university cut off mark to 170 and poly to 150 that will still encourage youth to enter tertiary educatn rather doin yahoo plus over the country

  10. I think JAMB should reduce d cutoff mark 2 170 4 universities and 150 4 polytechnics.Bcus those who used their head scored low Yl those dat cheat scored high marks.4 me JAMB intensionally failed us, Y do dey have 2 accept ova 1.7million during d registration wen dey knw dat d space available 4 admission was less?,now dey are complaining dat we are 2 much.Pls we are crying 4 Justice o

  11. Some pple prepared 4 d exam nd stil jamb failed dem,tell me hw can someone score 31 in english….hw??…..so if dere sumfin jamb or Reps shuld dy shuld do it quick coz education in naija is dying

  12. i tink we should leave high instistute alone cos 4 me na fun den dey catch dere like boy frd an grlfrd, cultism. d best standard of skul in nigeria is pry.sec. Skul. finish. Ogbeni make we go learn work, or make we learn how to hack ASO ROCK and central bank (i swear we go succeed cos naija non get sucurity bcos deir security na runz dem tey reach dere. who be boko haram? 4 dem non to de with )or make we follow christ to preach or spread d gospel of grace to all part in nigeria. cos our politicial r non saved. Person like dibu, jonathan, obasanjo, buari, fashola, many more like dat. i swear na runs dem tey rich dere. like juju power. Let us luk onto God. cos, God is our power. dem cant senduce God is not posible.

  13. If you have any problem with your jamb the person i advice you to contact is Mr Olaniyi he is the one that help me increase my score from 108 to 238 if you don’t believe me you can call me on 07052064697 my name is Glory call Mr Olaniyi phone on 08115188970

  14. See mr. man, exam malpractic didn’t start this year and can not stop this year, in your own time you did it, so our own can not be differance. in that your office today, you enter with maropin, by jamper way and communication. as fact Nigeria is consign dere must be malpractic and maropin. that is Nigeria culture. am Ezeukwu Deamond

  15. Plz,d exam cords,d only thing i want to say is just to plead.The power is in ur hands,b4 man and God,i read very well and didnt involve myself in any malpractices,but i scored 187,d only remedy 2 dis problem is just to upgrade d candidates’ mark or to beat down d cut off mark for d vasities to 180.You also have children,may God also answer there prayers.Pls,find somthin to dat,we are getting older at home.thanks…

  16. 4 me jamb iz 2 b blamed coz if dey registered above requirmnts y wont studnts cheat 2 pass an exam in order 2 gain admision. Pls nigeria try an scrape off jamb and retain aptitude test 2 avoid constant conflict lyk dis coz it wil continue 2 hapen as lng as niger iz concernd. As 4 jamb, i tink dere tym iz over dey should pack dere bag and go home let us hv peace in dis our education sector of d contry dats al i hv 2 say. Gudbye

  17. Nigeria is a corrupt country since d 70s…..me as a person i read buh still use runs cos non of d nigerians re clean not even dibu…d only corruption can be wiped off is dar God sud destroy dis generation…..dats it pals…make remark cos nah 163 i get ooooooo

  18. PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE. We all know how difficult it is to gain admission in this country, Jamb as a body have to do something about this year result, just think of it. Last year majority failed jamb even i myself but i believed then that it was due to my lack of reading ahead of the class, i found myself getting a mark a bit low but i put all the blame on myself and my chemistry teacher. Coming to this year Jamb exam, sorry to use a hatch word, i will its rubbish. After the exam, i came out smiling, to my greatest suprise i got a mark extremely low to my expectation. I will say that Jamb didnt mark all the scripts, they were under pressure to release the result on time so in that process refused to mark all and just gave mark to students anyhow. My appeal to the government is that, Jamb should remark the answer sripts with patience. Last year only 3 candidates score above 300, despite that, there was no complaint from candidates. Why is it that it was when 10 candidates scored above 300, candidates started raising complaints. How will a brilliant pre-degree student in FUTA score 4 out of 400. PLEASE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, HELP US DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS RESULT. I CANT AFFORD TO WAIT FOR A YEAR AGAIN DESPITE MONTHS OF SLEEPLESS NIGHT. PLEASE OUR LEADERS.

  19. I heard of sum persons who scored 001, 013, 048, 058, 090, 099, jst 2 mention few. W@ av u 2 say? As is all happened 2 sum of d pre-degree students in 1 of d porpularly knw universities in south west Nigeria.

  20. God knws the best, all i knw is dat is God plan. Both jamb board and student are to blame. Reason= This year jamb is totaly marked down intentionally coz most ppl ar blaming student 4 not reading 4 d exam, what of those who read and stil av low mark.? Jamb intentionaly did it in order 2 av sum point 2 convince house of rep 4 next yrs exam .

  21. All dese foolish upgraders nd scamers, u see pipo fail u wan stil dupe dem…..wer una kum 4rm self, may thunder break all ur front teeth….idiots…nd 2 JAMB why av thou forsaken our students nd aspirants into d university?….do u fink it is kul 2 leave learning 4 a whole year?….DIBU nd REPS do sumtin to help our young nd loved ones

  22. who has been leakin the jamb question and answers if not d derailed member of the jamb organization and at the end of everythin dey still stood on the fence behavin as if they know nothin about the cheatin and i think they shovld let the sleepin dog lie by scrappin the so-called jamb organization koz it has been afffectin the young genius who doesnt believe in the EXPO they are usin instead study hard to make good result but at the end still end up havin bad and unpresentable marks in their UTME.

  23. My own qestion is that why did jamb decide to frustrate the leader’s of tomorrow and mainally the pre-degree students that have spend alot. Atherall is jamb that bring out the answers before the exam and even send it to their candidete the day before the exam because know have the access to their network .for me am in pre-degree and i have spend upto 200,000. My score is 164 opin what i read is ok. Jamb should give us our nomal score. For all upgreders you people should go to hell, in this kind condiditon you people want to create another one to us. Please my fellow student’s don’t let all those idiot that called themself upgreders confuse you. They are not humanbeing but such a MORON.

  24. Imagine person like me,having no parent and strugling to go to school,this is my 4th time of writing jamb and i also strugled to raise 120,000 to paid my pre-degree school fees @FUTA,now jamb want to destroy my future when am innocent of malpractice,pls JAMB should find someting to address this issue of mass failure because this is my last hope in life and i cant imagine losing my 120,000 like that because of 5,000 exam.I did labour in railway and some other place before i could get the money,and all jamb gave me is 178 in my result just 2 mark to meet the d cotoff when am sure of what i did.pls help me ooooooooo

  25. U guys, some of ur comment is nonsense what about those that read day and night in order to make it in jamb but yet still the fail, it is those that even do exam malpractice, made good result in their jamb, as for me God know that i read very well before a day to theexam but what i score is what make me dump founded, 167 is my Jamb scores the worst thing is English, hw stupid is student, at of 100 question student could not score upto 45 or 55 instead 30, 38 something is wrong somewere, pls jamb board should do something about it atleast cut of should be from 160 upward pls I’m dying with tears now

  26. It is very clear that jamb 2013 is very poor but we can’t continue trading accusations and counter accusation, jamb has failed the nigerian students and something must be done about it and fast as this requires urgent attention.

    Prof Dibu has been very economical with the truth and for the fact that he is trying to protect his job, he has no other option than to give the nigerian people a premeditated statistics on the performance of the students. This is what I call the ‘Nigerian Factor’. Nigeria is where everything goes and no body gets to do anything about it.

    According to prof Dibu, there is improvement from last year perf
    ormance and there was no mass failure. What criteria did prof dibu used in measuring the performance and the determinant for the improvement? There was no mass failure yet students from all the parts of nigeria are crying foul! What could be the cause? Leaked paper? Whose fault is that? Prof dibu we the nigeria student demands answers to the above question

    The house of rep and the senate should please look into this issue with the aim of finding a lasting solution to the problem even if it means reducing the bench mark to 170 for universities and 150 for poly.
    There is no need selling scratch card to the tune of 1.7m when the carrying capacity is 520 000 and now many candidates has resorted to buying of change of school and change of course scratch card. Prof dibu if I may ask, when did Jamb became a revenue generating agency in nigeria? This is the future of our children that is at sake here.
    Long live Nigeria
    Long live Jamb
    Long live prof Dibu
    Long live Nigerian Students
    Long live Alor people

  27. the university cut off mark of 180 is still much to me considering the amount of low mark give to candidate,they should allow everybody sit for post jamb let it judge them not useless jamb result.

  28. Jamb as a body should b cancelld..is better stdents pick their olevel certificates 2 any institution of thire choice 4 direct post utme nd will hlp us frm jamb indirect form of malpractice…hw cum u wil set examz nd b d 1 sending the ans 2 ur children at home? The children will also send it 2 frnds nd so on..