Video: Civilians Among Dead In Nigeria Clampdown On Boko Haram?


Following the offensive of the Nigerian army on Islamist sect Boko Haram strong holds after a state of emergency was declared in three northern states in Nigeria, both the military and the sect have been boasting of their prowess in battle on several media, with the military painting the picture a lot of insurgents fall daily in battles, and the Boko Haram sects claiming same, even saying soldiers drop their weapons and run on sighting them.

In all of these however, the civilians have beared the brunt again – just as several sources have claimed over the years of the insurgents’ violence in the West African nation that civilians die in several military operations aimed at the terrorist, a claim the army often denied.

As the offensive continue on the Islamist sect whose activities have claimed thousands of lives i Nigeria, Al Jazeera has obtained the first images of the Nigerian army’s battle against Boko Haram fighters in the northern state of Borno, one of the states under emergency rule, with the pictures appearing to show the bodies of Boko Haram rebels and many civilians, including women and children.

Opinions are divided on the video some have described as a blague and a way of discrediting the Nigerian army, while others were just sympathetic of the civilian lives that might have been lost.

We can not verify at the moment if the video tells the truth about what is going down in Borno state, but it’s worth taking a look…if you can.

Viewer’s discretion is advised.