#BBATheChase: Nando and Selly Under The Covers


It is now clearer than ever that Selly’s move to the Diamond House was beneficial to both her and her crush, Nando. 

Ever since the Ghanaian lass set foot into the House, the pair have been at each other’s side, trying to get to know each other. Waiting for tomorrow’s session in the Rendezvous Room is proving to long for the new lovers.

But as Bolt had once said, Nando needs to get laid and this is what the Tanzanian lad has his heart set on, bedding Selly. As much as we know Selly to be the level headed woman we’ve come to respect in The Chase, at the end of the day she also has needs. The question is will she give up her reputation for a roll in the haystack with a guy who just wants to get laid or will she keep her guard up and maintain self-respect?

By the looks of things, she is open to Nando’s charm and even laughs at his jokes, which are not always funny. They spent a lot of time under the covers whispering things we couldn’t hear, so maybe Nando will get his way… or not, depending on his perseverance.

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