Girl Accuses Her 57-year-old Father Of Sleeping With Her

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Revelation by a Primary 5 pupil of how her 57-year-old father had been having carnal knowledge of her in the last three months left many dumbfounded on Monday, at the Bar Beach Police Division.

Narrating her ordeal to the police, the primary school pupil said her mother brought her to her father after years of separation, adding that since the sacrilegious act began, her father had been giving her N200 as pocket money to school.

Unsure of who to confide in, she said she told her mother during one of her visits only for the father to dismiss the claim, stating that he could not bring himself that low as to having carnal knowledge of his biological daughter.

His secrets were however let out after the girl summoned courage to tell her head teacher, who invited the police.

“When I was reunited with my father, I was happy because I was living with an aunt in the village since my parents separated. He usually told me that I would take the place of my mother in his life since my mother had divorced him. I did not know what he meant until he started having carnal knowledge of me at night.

“At a point, I got tired and insulted him. Then, he started beating me and changed his loving nature. He would beat me and strip me naked and have his way whenever he wanted.

“Whenever I attempted to scream, he would hit me harder and cover my mouth. He later apologized, telling me he would buy me a car. All I want at the moment is for my father to be punished for what he did to me.”

Her 57-year-old father, Nwafor Iko, however described her daughter’s claim as mere allegation, which is totally untrue. Ikoro said he only beat his daughter after he discovered she was in an amorous relationship with an unnamed man.

Police sources said the matter was immediately charged to the Igbosere Magistrate Court, from where Ikoro was remanded in prison custody until his application bail would be considered.


  1. If this story is true, then the man did a very bad thing. But there are so many things to disbelieve this story. Can a Primary 5 pupil use such big words in those quotes? Some part of the sorry is made up or false accusation.