PHOTO: Dog And Cat Grieve Dead Friend Together


There’s debate as to whether animals comprehend loss of life the way humans do, but when we see photos like this, the answer seems crystal clear.

Reddit user Kanadka took a photograph of her pets apparently grieving together after the loss of her other dog.

She wrote in a post on Wednesday:

I had to put my dog Mauja down last Saturday. I didn’t think my other animals were missing her, and then this happened. Kooky and Gracie have never slept together before, but there they were last night, sleeping in Mauja’s crate. Her viral photo, viewed more than 75,000 times in just a day, inspired others to come forward with similar experiences.

User seewhatyadidthere commented, “My dog and cat grew up together and my dog recently died. My perfectly healthy cat then died two weeks later. Animals create stronger bonds than people think.”

Kanadka’s late dog, Mauja.