Two Maids Arrested For Getting Toddlers Drunk With Alcohol In UAE

file: drunk toddler
file: drunk toddler

Two housemaids have been arrested for giving alcohol to two toddlers and then taking pictures of them with their mobile phones, police said on Tuesday. The toddlers were admitted to hospital in a ‘serious’ condition.

A senior police official from Sharjah Police on Tuesday disclosed that an Ethiopian and a Filipina maid were arrested in Sharjah on Monday for making an 18-month-old Emirati boy and his 30-month old sister drink alcohol. Police said the two suspects worked for the toddlers’ family.

Police said the children’s father, who lives in Al Nekhailat, came to the police station at 1pm on Monday, along with the two maids and their mobile phones, to report the case to the police.

The housemaids confessed to giving alcohol to the toddlers but they did not say why they had done it, according to police.

“The two children were admitted to hospital in a serious health situation,” a police source said.

The source added that the father noticed his children were not well, had a fever and were vomiting.

“Doctors at the hospital said that the children had drunk a large amount of alcohol,” the source said.

The children are still in hospital.

The father found the pictures of his children on the maids’ mobile phones.

“The picture shows the housemaids holding the children and helping them to drink alcohol,” police said.

The housemaids will be charged with endangering the lives of the children and they may face a tough penalty.

“We are still investigating how the housemaids arranged to get alcohol and who brought it to them,” the police source said.

They warned families not to leave children as young as the two victims alone with housemaids.

The case has been transferred to the public prosecution.