VP Sambo Calls For Stronger Political Institutions

Namadi SamboVice President Namadi Sambo has called on politicians in the country to develop themselves in order to take up the challenges of engineering social change.

He said rather than developing strong political institutions to strengthen the country’s democratic culture, more attention was being paid to the establishment of governmental bodies and civic organisations.

The vice president, who spoke at the inauguration of the Political Parties Leadership and Policy Development Centre, funded by the United Nations Development Programme in Jos on Wednesday, said both institutions were vital but warned that without strong and dynamic political parties, democracy would not thrive on the long run.

Sambo, represented by his Special Adviser on Political Matters, Senator Isaiah Balat, noted that political parties, like any other institutions, should continuously embark on capacity building so as to respond adequately to changing circumstances.

He said, “Leaders of political parties owe themselves the obligation to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this all important Centre for self-improvement. Let participation in this training become the turning point in your lives as you position yourselves to effectively take up the challenges of being the successor generation to today’s leaders.”