Abacha’s Daughter Blasts Prof. Wole Soyinka On Twitter

The daughter of the late former head of state General Sani Abacha, Gumsu Sanni Abacha today blasted African nobel laurete Proffessor Wole Soyinka on popular social media outlet twitter.


Gumsu Sanni Abacha claims “Wole Soyinka is a “Mad Empty Professor that lives on bad mouthing his Motherland and continent for Dollar and euro!”

Fatima Gumsu Sanni Abacha is one of the daughters of the late General Sanni Abacha.


  1. She’s very correct (Soyinka is acting and speaking strangely nowadays)but she would have removed the ‘mad’ to show some respect because her father is the mad one,he(Abacha) stands for the defintion of madness and wickedness

  2. Gumsu sanni abacha, don’t you know that it’s you and your bastard father that are mad. Instead of covering your face due to the shame your father brought upon Nigeria, you started badmouthing an elder stateman. You must be the real bastard taking after your father who died on a prostitute. Shame on you.

    • You must be fatherless and do not know the value of a father because if you do you wouldn’t have called someone’s father a bastard. Besides whether you like it or not Abacha was a president. Go to hell with your incomplete idiot and unknown father.

  3. Wole soyinka should learn from Chinua Achebe and indulge himself in constructive criticism as a state man instead of insulting himself in the name of politice
    ABACHA’s daughter is only trying to caution him and give him(soyinka) a sense of maturity. I speak as an igbo man looking forward to a better country …BIAFRA

  4. She’s right, but she’s very stupid for rising her words towards her elder, u really lacked tone of respect!!_i mean d maigida Daughter u re an old, big fool for lacking respect on an elderly person but u re right abt been mouthing

  5. Gumsu or wat ever ur name mayb I dn’t care, bt I tink u lack respect and manners, ur parent did nt train u well and more so u re among those who spoil d name of Islam, Islam teaches Morals, bt u lack one, pls do we d Muslims a favour by mindin hw u talk to ur elders.

  6. Yes it is not good for u to talk to an elderly person any how. Elders should also mind how they present themselves. Because my people say that:,’if an elder makes himself like a tray of rice, that the children will share it anyhow’.

  7. @zee

    What has this her statement has to do with religion? your high level of illiteracy cannot allow you to distinguish between personality and religion?, any way, always attributing one’s Halo effect to his/her social perception or ideology on his or her unique environment. But stereotyping (i.e judge someone on the basis of of your perception of his group to which he belongs) this create a big problem. law said lifting of the veil, you may understand what i mean. i suppose u check your words my dear friend

    • U hav no right wat so ever 2 criticise someone’s post, cos we all re here 2 post on d issue on ground, not attacking one anoda, if wat someone said does nt go down well wit u, u post ur own and leave d page, and nt criticise

  8. she is stupid 4 that coment, her fathet is a monster, @less basterd that dosnt care about nigerian well fare, 2 hell with u and ur stupid father that die of food (apple) and prostitute shame on ur family

  9. Abacha’s daughter must be a mad nitwit for saying that to a nobel laureate. her illiterate, wicked and promiscuous father was part our major set backs in this part of the world. what does she and her generation know about governance? shameless fool. we need more of people like Wole Soyinka. more power to your elbow sir,

    • The man deserves whatever insults he gets. What business does he hv insulting his own president’s wife the way he did? He too shld be able to express his opinion without insulting others. Calling somebody’s wife a ‘mere domestic appendage’ is the highest insult on womanhood and no woman should take such mad remarks lighty in a society like ours. A man who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. For me I hv lost all the respect I hv for this man for that singular comment.

      • My dear do not let your feminity becloud your judgement……..first lady is not constitutionally recognized in this country so why the mayhem caused by the first lady? How many times do you hear of michelle obama in limelite? Intelligent women work in backstage to assist their husbands and as for the abacha’s daughter was her father a righteous man?
        Correcting an elderly person is not wrong but ther manner which she constructed her words is uncalled for. How will you feel if someone calls your father a mad person irrespective of the fact your dad is wrong?

  10. You have to run ur dirty mouth on ur elders bcos ur marmoset dead father never have time to teach u morals dats y u r ill mannered today…ur dad use his tym 4 prostitude n embasemt fund…..u just insult d person ur generation can never be like.

  11. aba shehu u mst b a mad goat for dat ur stupid statemt, who is abacha b4 soyinka and who is patient or abacha daughter who lack mental disorder. my great prof was only telling them to do the right thing,more over jonathan was voted for nt his wife .is it a good thing for pateind to cause problem in river state or is it a good thing. abacha is one of the useless man who cause set back for nigeria pls our pple lets call a spade a spade.

  12. How can u speak such insolent words to an elderly man? That’s very un- African, i worked with ur brother mohammed abacha he seem more polite than dis blatant words u dispose..he is an activities and everyone has definite unique measures of airing out there displeasure. Go back home for morality if its nt too late

  13. What did Abacha left in this nation to b remembered for? Some people ‘re making noise calling him great leader. Abacha was a digrace 2 his generation but may be his daughter doesn’t know. Dat’s y she is shameless to blast another person like dat.

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  14. if u hav been followin news in recent times, den go bak n read d statement by Gumsu, if its not true. Wole shld stop embarassing himself… If he intend joining a party den let him do it so we can vote him….

  15. Fatima, if am 2 b u I’ll cover my face wit cloth, 4 d disgrace and shame ur father brought upon dis country and ur family as a whole, shame on u and ur generation 2 come, I’ll advice u 2 turn urself 2 Eleha, so dat no one wil c ur shameless face and dn’t ever open dat ur guitar 2 insult a Noble and intelligent man like Wole Soyinka cos u dn’t even deserve talkin 2 him, u re nt up to d standard, shameless fool born of a useless and corrupt father.

  16. Why; why gumsu why this kind of insult [mad] you should have give some respect to the prof. No body deserve the insult given, but the question is why? Prof. wole and Gen. sani abacha are both my role model so therefor I’ll take the blame on me and please stop all these insult stuff they are all hero that’s the fact and that’s just it please.

  17. Į̸̸̨ƭ’s bcos ‎​Γφυ don’t av a professor i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ your family aπϑ Prof. Wole Soyinka was a bone i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ your callous father’s throat during his regime datz Ɣ ‎​Γφυ av d audacity †̥φ talk †̥φ an erudite ŁȊ̝̊̅kε̲ dat. Moreover, majority of ‎​Γφυ were Ϟö† born when Prof. Wole Soyinka have been criticising any government thatz Ϟö† performing †̥φ d masses expectation. Hez d only noble laureate ds country has ever had.

  18. How could some people call abacha a great leader I guess they were not yet born when he was head of state,dis present height of corruption was established during his time and now it has gone wide.when he died millons of nigerians jubilated so how can his daughter open her mouth and insult an elderly man who has accomplished greater tins dan her wicked father who is a murder open her mouth in public does she not av any shame?an elderly man may make mistakes but is dat how to make dem c reasons?she is just like her father.

  19. it’s quite unfortunate dt d ‘daughter’of Abacha could disparage professor Wole Soyin,having known fully dt her father was a despot and inhuman couple with enormous catastrophes caused this nation.Anyway,what should we anticipate from a child dt was trained from our collective resources when millions were scavenging at public functions.
    Subtly,Professor Wole is advised 2 toe the part of honour and remain watchful wit great reservation on national issues,If not his repute would be smeared.

  20. it’s quite unfortunate dt d ‘daughter’of Abacha could disparage professor Wole Soyin,having known fully dt her father was a despot and inhuman couple with enormous catastrophes caused this nation.Anyway,what should we anticipate from a child dt was trained from our collective resources when millions were scavenging at public functions.
    Subtly,Professor Wole is advised 2 toe the part of honour and remain watchful wit great reservation on national issues,If not his repute would be smeared .

  21. Prof a respected citizen should’nt hav went dat far? Ok. There is a sayin dat goes dis way! You can’t carry someone lik a pinch of salt and expect them to carry you like a bag of rice, value is reciprocal. The prof nva gav value to all women dats y he had to abuse d first lady in such manner, u don’t command respect u earn. Honestly, frm dat day I hav witdrew d respect I use to hav 4 d prof, but despite anytin Abacha’s dauta wound’nt gone dis far by insultin d elderly prof.

  22. the entire nigerian politicains are mother fuckers,soyinke is a mother fucker, what good has his prophesorship benefitted us, i buy his books with my money, go outside nigeria and se what other great prophesor do, build free charity homes, go to state by state and make peace to the youth and some build fee education for the poor and give the poor life, u sit and enjoy ur money and u come here to talk nonsense, u are all the same nigerian politician, u no hu u are speaking 4, fuck u

  23. She’s right bt she conveyed dt untactically! Nigeria has grown beyond the age of deconstructive criticisms! The best our intellectuals can do with their wealth of knowledge is to “always look for faults” without suggesting better ways things can be put in order!

    Instead of them to come out since they are better equipped for public offices and contest elections, they sit comfortably in their living room crossing legs to decry the mediocrities Nigeria has been parading as law makers, presidents and governors!

    What could one expect of mediocrities other than what we are getting from them? Hence, our crop of leaders sud no longer be blamed for our backward movement bt our intellectuals where our professor falls!

    Think Nigerians!!! Think Africans!!!

  24. what bring this commotion why U Nigerians are doing dis kind of thing. why cant u understand the problems dat we are facing? No wonder u will do morethan dis bcs u dont really care about the peoples dat u are leading Talakawas, but u just care abt ur selfs and familys. No problem we shall meet on the day of resurrectionall of u.

  25. …And I laughed heatically like hyena ,and when I remember Gumsu, what comes to mind is Mumu, Mugu and Mumu, all yoruba words for domestic cats and idiots. What do you expect from a cat that will be more than mew ? Abacha family is synonimous with perfidy and shenaniganism. Let a thousand of Gumsu continue to mew… That is the only language known to the congregation of Musus and Mumus .

  26. Let’s not politicize this please. What we should find out is what transpired between the two. Because I observed that some with Northernlike names are in support of what Gumsu said while those with Southern like names are against what she said. Let’s not wash our dirty linen in the public please. Prof is like a Grandfather to Gumsu. That foul language shouldn’t have come out from her all the same. May God solve all Nigeria’s problems. Amen

  27. i have had all what ppl are saying on this, yea soyinka he did wrong. But for fatima preaching such words is not good at all. may be she is angry that is why. But this is not a matter of insult, lets picture out what exactly right and judge that is just it is

  28. if i were presidnt… Pipl lyk u nd ur househood evn ur generatn unborn wil live nd die in jail 4untold wikednz, poverty, coruptn, thef,fraud,embaslmnt ur father implimnt in dis country… U dnt worth livin….old shamlzz bastrd dt ws train wt fund embasled by ur corupt fatheq

  29. C d Abacha’s still talking about fatherland, Ur father was a patriot but u wia raised with ill gotten money(our money) it doesn’t surprise anyone how u speak considering d source of u guys’ wealth…wale’s feet weren’t bought with money show some respect BOOOOO…Hajiya Gumsu ki yi ladabi kin ji