Amber’s skirt Rose: Gust of wind blows and reveals Amber Rose’s bum


29 year old sexy model Amber Rose who is the Baby mama of Lanky smoky rapper Wiz Khalifa had a wardrobe malfunction of sorts yesterday at the 2013 BET Awards.

Seems like Amber had annoyed the gods because immediately she stepped up on the red carpet with boyfriend Wiz Khalifa a swift gush of wind push her black and yellow skirt up revealing a her butt to paparazzi!

Amber Rose was totally shocked and quickly tried to cover up; Wiz Khalifa on the other hand was enjoying the flashing lights and didn’t even noticed a thing

Wiz-Khalifa-and-Amber-Rose-at-the-BET-Awards-2013-4Wiz-Khalifa-and-Amber-Rose-at-the-BET-Awards-2013-1 Wiz-Khalifa-and-Amber-Rose-at-the-BET-Awards-2013-2