Brazillian Woman Who Auctioned Her Virginity For $780,000 Now Says She Was Tricked


The woman who became an Internet sensation by auctioning off her virginity for $780,000 now says that she was tricked and exploited — and that she’s still a virgin.

Catarina Migliorini, a 21-year-old woman from Brazil, told The Huffington Post by email that the highly publicized Internet auction last October, organized by filmmaker Justin Sisely, has turned into a giant fiasco.

“I felt I was a victim … I was misled by Mr. Justin Sisely,” Migliorini said. “I believe he is trying to defraud me and others.”

Sisely was supposedly filming a documentary entitled “Virgins Wanted,” which would explore the lives of Migliorini and Alex Stepanov, a male counterpart who was also auctioning his virginity.

A 53-year-old Japanese millionaire who identified himself online as “Natsu” placed the winning bid for Migliorini. But when she went to meet him in a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, he didn’t match the description Sisely gave her. Nor did they ever have sex.

What’s more, she claims Sisely didn’t cover her traveling expenses or give her the money promised.

Sisely denies Migliorini’s claims. “We have the footage to prove otherwise,” he told HuffPost by email. He also says she breached her contract as an actress.

When Sisely first announced the documentary in May 2010, he said it would culminate with both of the virgins having sex. However, the promise of sex was not set in stone, Migliorini claims.

“Justin made me believe this was a serious documentary about young virgins and said that there might or might not be an auction at the end of the documentary,” she said.

But after Sisely and Migliorini met in Bali, the auction had already been publicly announced, forcing Migliorini into a corner.

“I agreed to go along with it, because Justin said it would be the best way to draw attention from the media about the project,” she said.

In exchange for her participation, Migliorini said she was supposed to receive 20 percent of documentary sales and all of the money from the winning auction bid of $780,000. Neither has materialized, she claims.

Migliorini now believes that “Natsu” doesn’t exist. She never had sex with him, and proudly describes herself as a virgin.