Ethnicity, Religion, Greatest Threat To Nigeria – Jonathan

36295_483196068436151_304296474_nThe Nigerian Armed Forces have been advised not to allow religion and ethnicity creep into the force.

The advice was given by President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday at the graduation ceremony of the Senior Course 35 of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji near Kaduna State.

Mr. Jonathan urged the military top brass of the Armed Forces to discourage such sentiments in the force.

Represented by Vice-President Namadi Sambo at the ceremony, the President said religious and ethnic sentiments were the greatest danger to the security of the nation.

Jonathan said, “The greatest danger to our collective security as a people and a nation lies in the perils of ethnic and religious tolerance. These twin evils, if not checked, are capable of threatening our corporate existence as one sovereign and indivisible nation.

“You must therefore discourage such sentiments and encourage your men to view themselves as comrades in the pursuit of a common destiny. Furthermore, you must continue to anticipate and reflect on the ideals that we all cherish as a people and remember that as members of the armed forces, you will be judged by the type of leadership you give to the men under your command.”

He said the challenges of maintaining peace and security remained primarily that of the police but noted that the recent security challenges confronting the country have made it necessary for the armed forces to play a crucial role.

The Commandant of the AFCSC, Air Vice Marshal Ekpo Osim, in his welcome address, noted that the college had continued to review and expand its curriculum to in light of emerging military strategy in warfare and staff development.

Information Nigeria gathered that at least 158 officers, made up of 130 Nigerian military officers, eight civilians and 20 military officers from nine African countries and South Korea graduated from the course.



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