Govs’ Threat To Stop Funding Of Police’s Callous, Count Me Out, Says Jang

Jonah_jangThe threats by some state governors to stop the funding of police operations following recent happenings in Rivers State, has been described as an ill-conceived move by the governor of Plateau State, Da Jonah Jang.

Jang, who is factional chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), made this known in an interview granted by his special adviser on political matters, Nde Alexander Molwus.

The governor said he will not stop supporting the funding of the federal police as canvassed by five northern state governors, saying the “threat to stop funding the police is callous”.

Speaking in Jos weekend, Mr. Molwus said, “I am not sure my governor will support the idea of stopping the funding of federal police as being agitated by some northern state governors, my governor will not do that”.

He noted that every state has its own peculiarity adding that the police are the creation of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The states should support the funding of the police to maintain law and order as criminality issues are handled by the police in any country of the world or in any democracy”.

“It is not appropriate to stop the funding of the police by state governors and I am not sure Governor Jang will support such moves.”



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