Honeymoon Part 2: Sound Sultan and wife take a vacation


Singer Sound Sultan stole his wife away from the usual noise from the kids and took her for a relaxing and also exercising weekend.

The couple spent the weekend at Sunfit Fitness and Spa club in Apapa, Lagos to work out, chill and just be away from the normal hustle in Lagos.

Sound Sultan aka Naija Ninja uploaded the photos of himself and wife Farida living the life.

See more photos below:

Sound-Sultan-and-wife-Farida-1-copy-460x460 Sound-Sultan-and-wife-Farida-2-copy-460x460  Sound-Sultan-and-wife-Farida-4-copy-460x460 Sound-Sultan-and-wife-Farida-5-copy-460x460 Sound-Sultan-and-wife-Farida-6-copy-460x460