‘Honourable And Dignifying Child Marriage Better Than Child Prostitution’


A Non Government Organisation, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has appealed to Nigerians to be tolerant on the raging controversy surrounding the child marriage debate.

MURIC’s Director, Ishaq Akintola, made the call in a statement issued on Wednesday in Ibadan.

The statement said that in line with the tenets of Islam, age was not part of the conditions which must be met before marriage could be solemnized.

It said that where the bride was a ‘minor’, Islam prescribes protective solemnization of marriage to shield the bride from abuse.

“This means that the girl who is deemed to be of tender age is left untouched by the man until she attains puberty.

“Another major condition for child marriage is that the girl herself has the right to repudiate the marriage when she attains maturity if she does not like her spouse.

“MURIC believes that honourable and dignifying child marriage is better than child prostitution which is rampant in Nigerian cities and red light zones,’’ it said.

The statement compared the globalisation and promotion of homosexualism, lesbianism and same-sex marriage as a direct challenge to God’s divine order.

The Senate, on the recommendations of the Constitution Review Committee, rejected the deletion of the clause on renunciation of citizenship.

The Chairman, Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, said that the clause was recommended for deletion because it was considered discriminatory.

He said the clause, which had been in the Constitution since 1979, had nothing to do with child marriage as was being insinuated by some Nigerians.



  1. Any religion,group of people,person,government or what so ever supported child marriage or crown it as beTter than prostitution,or with a li eying lip that the husband hv to wait for the child puberty or the child can decide to leave if she does not like the husband,to me such group,belief,doctrine,even if u call it custom is barbaric,uncall for,malignant development prospect, joblessnes, molester altitude, shameless parents,coward thought. For christ sake wither senator Yerima or jarima and ur caucus,and who ever dream bringing fear into Nigeria children for calling them mywife or forcing them to mother children at the tender age is Worst than a fool.

  2. Olodo mum wa wa madness in d highest other who ever dat iz supporting dis madness,u guyz av lost focus. I no it ll never,I mean it ll never wrk. Bcoz d voice of d people iz d voice of God. Dis not nd muslim country dat u ll in post anything in d name of islam. Madness fake u all.

  3. That is why 90% of unbelirvers have no diffrence with animals, they are suporting prostitution and go against marriage. No wonder, pastors, bishops, pops and what ever you call them, were caught every day reping small small girls in the church, is that what the Bible told you? Don’t try to full God, there is no any verse in the Bible that prohibit marriage and support prostitution or raping tinage girls, if there is, help me with the verse. Please do justice to our self, if they are too young to get marry why did you rape them? and 80% persent of people that go against this they call themselves men of God and they were caught times without number raping small small girls why? Think twise please.

  4. Sometimes I wonder why I exist in this part of the world, where, foolish talks, barbaric laws and selfish interest are being considered all in the name of Religion in the assemble and some wicked soul are here and there supporting this demonic and barbaric Law. Anyone one who support this law will fall a victim of child rape on there daughters.