House Of Reps Take Over Functions Of Rivers House Of Assembly, Calls For Redeployment Of State Police Commissioner

timthumb.phpFollowing the violence that marred Tuesday’s session of the Rivers State House of Assembly, the House of Representatives on Wednesday, at a sitting chaired by Deputy Speaker of the House, Emeka Ihedioha, took over the functions of the Rivers Assembly.

The decision by the federal lawmakers to take over the functions of the Rivers Assembly, followed debates and approval of a motion and based on section 11, sub section 4 of the 1999 Constitution which states:

“At any time when any House of Assembly of a state is unable to perform its functions by reason of the situation prevailing in the state, The National Assembly may make such Laws for the peace, order and good government of that state with respect to matters on which a House of Assembly may make laws as may appear to the National Assembly to be necessary or expedient until such time as the House of Assembly is able to resume its functions; and any such laws enacted by the National Assembly pursuant to this section shall have effect as if they were laws enacted by the House of Assembly of the state.”

The House of Representatives also passed a motion directing the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar to redeploy the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu for ‘dereliction of duties.’

It would be recalled that the Rivers Assembly engaged in a show of shame on Tuesday when five out of 32 members attempted to impeach the Speaker, Otelemaba Amachree.

The ensuing confusion led to an open display of aggression among the state lawmakers as they engaged in a fight which led to computers being damaged and the House leader, Lloyd Chidi, receiving treatment at the Government House clinic for injuries sustained.



  1. That’s a welcomed development! Is now I’m seeing nigeria as a democratic state. The willful neglet of duty by the so called police commissioner deserved more than deployment, as such, he should be. Questioned for all that’s happening in the state.
    May God bless the national assembly for taken drastic measures over the amaechi-jonathan face-off by taking the affairs of rivers state assembly

  2. Mr donjeff or wat is ur name… U re one of d main reason why dis country is nt moving forward. It’s saddening that an educated individual culdnt categorically understand law. The Nigeria constitution supercede any individual or group of individual. Nothing is wrong in the decision of house representative as far as it is backed by law. Moreso, d utter dismay of d saga dt in River State house assembly is so shameful and pitiable. I don’t when thugs ve become our elected representatives.. Mr donjeff, be a good Nigeria

  3. The simple questions I want to ask, shld d Police av descended into d arena of d free 4 all fight by d Assembly members? Have d Police maltreated or indiscriminately arrested anybody in dis whole commotion dat everybody is accusin d Commissioner of Police of takin side? If d C.O.P of R/State is doin exactly d biddins of d Governor of Rivers State to d detriment of all other Citizens in d State wld he av been accused of incompetence? Was d state S.O.S unit of d Police accused of incompetence wen it was doin d biddins of d Governor? Nobody av actually pointed to anytin dat d C.O.P of R/State av done so far! And if dis C.O.P is removed 4rm R/State will his next inline not b accused of same offence? Mayb d House of Reps will help appoint d next C.O.P of R/State!