If Care’s Not Taken, Nigeria’ll Go The Way Of Egypt, Says Buhari

BUHARI 1Three time Presidential candidate, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), has warned political leaders in the country to take a cue from what happened in Egypt a few days ago.

Egyptian President, Mr. Mohammed Morsi, was on Thursday overthrown by the country’s military after days of protest near the Presidential Palace.

Speaking at the public presentation of two books by Malam Nuhu Ramalan, Head of Political Science Department of the Federal College of Education (FCE), Zaria, the former Head of State said:
“I encourage young men to buy the books to know their history. Although I know history would keep on repeating itself, as it (has) just been in Egypt. Nigeria would not be an exception, and by the way we are going only God knows where we are going to end up, but I hope we would end up well”.

The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) leader also vowed to remain in active politics despite the fact that he “ended from the Head of State to a prisoner of sort that did not stop me to attempt to get back through the other means; that is politics. And after three unsuccessful attempts, I refused to give up. I tried to, but my supporters wouldn’t support my throwing in the towel. So, I intend to fight on in spite the challenges.”

Commenting on the books, ‘Nigerian Military in Politics; 1966 to 2011 and Politics of Transition to Civil Rule; 1966 to 1999’, General Buhari recalled that when he was Head of State, he encouraged young intellectuals and even brought some of them on board; a move that saw the emergence of Ibrahim Gambari as foreign minister.

Buhari said “the deterioration of the culture caused the lack of accountability in the system, and it has now gone absolutely wide. When the military and the political leadership came, they were so corrupt and they destroyed these institutions.”

While quoting Obama as saying that African countries are bedeviled with problem of strong leaders and institutions, Buhari said “Paradoxically, in Nigeria it is the strong leaders that destroy the strong institutions by corruption and laziness of some sort.”


  1. We know Nigeria is not doing well in terms of corruption record, but let me remind Buhari that it did not start today. His inclination to use of violence in solving any national problem is highly condemnable. I will continue to pray that we dont have two of your kind in this country to avoid a civil war. Your do or die pattern of trying to enter Aso rock is the force driving you to all these violent behaviour. The new party now being formed that would have fought PDP, you are trying to cause problem there because of your quest for power. Well, if violence comes, people like you will go first.

  2. Buhari, Nigeria will NEVER go the way of Eygpt, May God silence those who are sooo selfish & heartless that they don’t mind a whole country going under if they don’t achieve so-called “selfless” aspirations.

  3. buhari i wil make it no to you that your father is not the owner of this contry. an even the corruption and laziness of leadershep das your partan of GNT. it is you and your household that wil exsperience what you just predit. peace be unto nige

    • Yoyo guys, anybody who is looking bad site of what buhari said, he/she dnt his hitory, and 4dat buhari Is a man of justice and peace, and a man who wants 2 turn nigeria into good way, and make d pple of the nation fill hppy. An anybody who dnt knw d history of buhari good deeds let him go an ask his father, he will tel him!!!

  4. Roy Ng and Obi Olowu, both of you are blinded by sentiments and deep seated hatred. Buhari mean well for Nigeria. One of the reasons Nigeria is bedeviled with bad leaders is that we keep distracting ourselves from the real issues and focus instead, on trivialities. Whether you like it or not, Buhari represents an aspect of what is good about Nigeria.

    • Was buhari a better leader,the fact that he has attempted thrice to become president and God says no does not mean that Nigeria should go the way of Egypt,the counsel of God for Nigeria will stand.Nigeria is bigger than buhari.

  5. Buhari is a jihadist and should be handled as such, if characters in apc like buhari, el-rufai,tambuwal, babangida aliyu etc continues to do their selfish politics,then i wonder if they may win their wards during 2015 elections

  6. U people do not have sense attacking mr B,wht happen in Egypt will surely happen in Nig soon,just let wait and see,cos so many people are hungry not just becos i feed well do mean i should back this currupt leaders.

    • You will be surprise that the Egypt version of what your Buhari is talking about will start and end in the south west, and by the time it is over, there will be nothing like Nigeria. In sane climes, someone of Buhari’s past would not come to the public and ask to rule over a people, most of whom are civilised and non-religious. What happen in Egypt can never happen in Nigeria except a fundamentalist like Buhari is in the position of rulership, but good enough Nigerians will continue to reject him at the polls.

  7. I read this post and I can’t seem to understand why some people will just take delight in insulting the gentle general. He means well for Nigeria but corruption and indiscipline has eaten too deep into Nigeria that we have lost our God given senses to reason rationally

  8. You re now a rtd soldier Mr Buhari. So, you don’t ve the ultimate power to decide on what will happen in this great country. I think is high time for Mr president to look into matters especially when it comes to things that concerns Buhari. Buhari had made over statements that will lead to jail him but since Gudluck ve decided to pardon him, we the masses will declare state of emergence on him one day. Buhari should bear in mind that he will never be the president of Nig again bcos, he is full of corruption.

  9. I am sorry that all my contributions through this media is never published even when my ideas are full of suggestions to better this Country.However I shall continue to offer my well refined candid opinion to remedi the ills of this Country..If the editor of this media outlet want to use my suggestions as His, He can jolly fine do so.
    Now for those who support Major General B’s utterances why not He make the same statement when OBJ was on seat.
    We must learnu to respect any judiciously elected constituted authority pending when you are elected to be on same seat. M.Gen has never been elected as President of this Country, He simply converted illegality to legality.No one prays for evil but for those who do let them see it in great number Amen

  10. This blogger is a pure enemy to this country. How could you reframe the headline and use it to decieve your supporters? General said, ” Buhari advise Nigerian political leaders to learn from what happen in Egypt.” he never in anyway quoted “if care’s not taken, Nigeria’ll go the way of Egypt.” wel, you already have supporters who always dancing to your tune of music.

  11. Only God can help dis nation, we shud all pray dat God shud choose a gud Leaders 4 us dat can tackle corruption which ave become part and pasu of public office holders in dis country. Currently petroleum minister cried on d Benin- Ore road when she resumed office as the transportation minister den but was d outcome of her crying. Sweet mouthed people God shud save us o.

  12. Those of u suportin violence ar too naive, if only u knw wat u ar caling for u wld rada wait patiently 4 devine intervention. Do u tink u wld b in anoda country wen it coms? Wat hapens wen u loose ur luvd ones in d proces? Dnt tink gen.B. or his family membas wld b there wen it comes. BE CAREFUL WAT U WISH FOR.

  13. they say we are the leaders of tomorrow and this man buhari keeps showing up. inas much as some of us don’t like the way oga jonah’s handling of the country is going, buhari should go to bed and let us rest with all this his headlines (prophecies) he keeps coming up with. afterall it’s not as if he can be any different from the past leaders.

  14. I wonder how people reason this is matter that concerns the entire nation irrespective of our: religions, cultures, tribes, etc; so we should first access and analyse how Nigeria is been run before we comment on issue like this.
    To me Gen. Buhari is RIGHT.

  15. It’s true and obvious, that; most people dont read or listen with the Intention to understand, but to repose, That’s why most of them/you were making a prattle, senceless, meaningless, banal and vargue statement, full of religiouse and ethnic sentiment. Cos all of u were detort of What the gentle man was saying/ means, caward, Animal southerners.

  16. who is affraid of wat happened in egypt, can buhari fight this country? Put the whole north to gether u can not do any thng, i thankGod boko haram is reducin ur population day by day.

  17. Well i reasoned to what Buhari has said, but can we flash back to what damages military govt has done to dis great coutry? Especially IBB & Abacha’s govt in particular! Pls what is left for us now is prayer and let us do away with sentimentality and tribalism!!!

  18. I don’t know the why people don’t digest articles before responding to it. To me what General Buhari is saying is a bitter truth that all our political leaders need to learn from, all of you that are abusing this general are you telling us nigeria is run the way it should be run? I strongly disagree. There can not be peace in the country if people like IBB, Buhari, Obasanjo, Jonathan, Gowan, Atiku and all those past and immediate senators and retired generals are all killed then this country will know peace. Affairs of this country is like a relay race where Barton is being pass from one person to another in the same house or carcous. If this country will only know peace when military takes over then let it come to past by God grace.

  19. My take is dat Gen Buhari should bridle his tongue and be statesmanlike in his utterance, if he truly loves the country.
    Once upon a time, he told us he will make Nigeria ungovernable, and he did! He has started again. Infact,if he was a lesser mortal, such utterances are seditious. This is the reasson we should take his threats seriously.

  20. It ll never happen to us in Jesus name. God should forgive you. Because u av so many answer 2 answer b4 God almighty. U always fail nd ur word always fail,everything about u iz fail in Jesus name.

  21. Buhari, the first enemy of nigeria. That man need 2 b in prison for all he did during his regime and even his recent utterances. Because he is not their or because it is not a northerner that is in ASO ROCK. What has he contributed to the development of Nigeria only but mobilising boko haram boys. Nigeria will keep better and not retrogress to the dark ages of military regime. Democracy has come 2 stay what i advocate is sovereign national conference.

  22. Buhari is muslim fundamentalist, who believe that only muslims can rule this country as a G od given birthright. He has not woken up from his dream that the days of military coups is over in Nigeria. Thanks to Obasanjo for liberating the South from the slavery of the core north. Is Buhari aware the Middle Belters have woken up from their slumber and have realised the gospel of lengendry Joseph Tarka that middle Belt is not part of the north? The minorities are no longer slaves. Any attempt to change the staus quo now by military coup will only lead to the disintegration of Nigeria.