Nigeria’s Senior Cricket Team Defeats Wiltshire Queries By Two Wickets.

Nigerian Senior Cricketers Beats Wiltshire Queries of UK.
Nigerian Senior Cricketers Beats Wiltshire Queries of UK.

Nigeria’s senior national cricket team got off to a winning start in their build up to the International Cricket Council (ICC), World Cricket League (WCL) Division Six Championship on Monday.

They defeated Wiltshere Queries of London by two wickets scoring a total of one hundred and seventy five runs with six over remaining.

Queries had scored a hundred and seventy four runs all out in the fifty overs match but the bating prowess of the Nigerian side proved decisive as they easily outran their opponent with six overs left.

The match is Nigeria first of a five-game line up of friendly matches in their United Kingdom Tour ahead of ICC, WCL Division Six Championship which commences on July 18.

Nigeria will play Potterne Cricket Club in their second game of the tour on Thursday.


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