Open letter to Bishop David Oyedepo Claiming Canaan Land is Demonic


A recent article has been making the rounds on different blogs, the letter claims that the entire land mass of Canaan land is filled with different occultic symbols. Might be a mere coincidence, well you be the judge of that.

If you take a closer check via Google map and it was the exact replica of those symbols.

Here is the letter and the symbol representation:


Dear Bishop Oyedepo,


I am writing you this letter on behalf of all sane and upright Nigerians.

Kindly explain to us the meaning of these very scary, occult and demonic structures you have spotted our sacred land with.

What is the meaning of these buildings, dear esteemed Bishop?

Are they not a very bad omen that are responsible for bringing the wrath of God to our dear nation. We Nigerians are very spiritual people. We believe in curses, in taboos, in demons and in abominations. Indeed if you are in the Church business as you portray to be, you too understand these things. You understand the purity of life and land and what evil is. After-all it was you who slapped a poor girl who you castigated as being possessed by spirits.

So why have you put these many solid structures that are all types of funny things including the pentagram, structures bearing semblance to the Baphomet, goat head masonic god, 69, or 666, ‘$’ sign, and all other things that since I received a broadcast with the news story, have made me quite uncomfortable and afraid. You do know the structures you built I presume, having a degree in architecture yourself.

So our airplanes fly over these things. Do you know the spiritual implication of this calamity you have constructed on our land? Is this not a reason for the woes of Nigeria?

 Dear Bishop, please tear these things down. I am ashamed of our government for giving you a permit to make these type of things on our blessed soil. This is spiritual pollution and it should not be allowed.

 To make matters worse, this is an institution where Nigerian youth are being trained to be ‘leaders.’ Dear Bishop, leaders of what? What Covenant University??

How far do human beings go to gain power over wealth and in the challenge of God? Is there not a point where we stop and hold certain things sacred and some areas as no go areas?

Matthew 7:22 Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name have cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity.

Where did you learn all these things? In America? Because this occult is foreign to us, and these are the symbols attributed to the illuminati or masons, and linked to Egypt. So you must have imported these things from your sojourn to the US?

Someone should please tell me the right court where you take such matters that have defiled the Church and the land to, to get redress.

 It is a sad day for me, and I am really hoping that the aerial images on Google and these symbols we have seen is not true, or the David Oyedepo can come and answer us and show us they are not what they appear to be.

May the Good God watch over his children, Amen.





  1. How dare you Insult my father like that, the Anointing of God upon his life will fight u anywhere u go in this life, unless you go to him and confess for forgiveness. Stupid you.

  2. Don’t have much to say concerning u. U are confuse and going insane. U among d lot dat think blessing comes frm d devil. May God have mercy on u. Don’t incur God wrath upon urself. Have listen to God servant preaching b4? If u have’t i will u do, then after doing dat 4 at least 3 months past ur judgement. Can I tell u this Jesus my Saviour and my Lord was accused likewise but He forgave. But be careful!

  3. May the God lord forgave u dis son of the devil,for writing such devilish article,but I av a gud news for the church of God continues to move to forward and dere is nuffinn devils like u can do abt it.dats all I av to say to you

  4. Pastors hv rily wash nigerians head dat wen u comment anything,fanatics will start cursing u. How can u incur d wrath of God bcos u made a comment on one pastors lawlessness.

  5. Why are you offended? He only asked question and need to be thought or explained. Jesus Christ was also asked questions, mostly by his disciples and he explained without being offended. And whose example the church and shepard is following today (Heb12v2). If the shepard of any sanctuary serving his master Jesus Christ let them guide the flogs in truth and love. Let us not be so blind all the time. At last Heaven is what we are all hoping and trusting God for. And no one will be happy to know that what he or she should have known and avoided is the cause of his/her woe. Remember this, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. ‘Knowledge of what’. God save his own. God protect his servants. God bless Nigeria

  6. Shame on you Satan you have lost in all ways…….COme to next sunday service and with your eyes open you will see thousands flowing into GOds house in honour of jesuS.SHAME YOU Smelling devil devil.

  7. This writer is cursed note my words! How dare u write this rubbish about a man of God like oyedepo! U are already a dead man heaven will never forgives u for this! BE WARN and keep off

    • Is the man of God an angel, is he not human? ‘Heaven will never forgive you’, is heaven your personal house, are you the one in charge of forgiveness, are you God that forgives sins ?

  8. Even Jesus Christ earlier said many shall come in my name saying they are these they are that, but beware is the END-TIME Pals, mind who yu call a man of God, no man is righteous except GOD JESUS.

    • yes i support wat u hav said. those of you crucifying this guy for what he wrote, does your bible not tell you that d battle is of the lord? if he is trying to blackmail oyedepo or the church of God, y not leave God to fight him just like u have told him to let God be the judge over oyedepo. where is your christainity? it is people like you(those crucifying this writer), that will b angry when they hear somebody mock or insults Allah and the muslims retaliate. then u will begin to hear words like dis-y wouldnt they allow Allah to fight for himself? Pls house dont b quick to cause and trust no man easily. i dont have a proof to wether wat he said is true or is not. so pls go out and do ur research/digging deep first before commenting.

  9. The writer is a hopeless human being and will die a shameful death. Enemy of progress. So you can see vision and you left PDP they mess this nation up. May God curse you and your generation. Hopeless and lazy idiot. Your mate are researching on how to find a lasting solution to Nigeria’s Electricity problem. You are here envying a man who has use his God giving wisdom to build the world largest single church auditorium. Shame on you agent of hell. You will die a miserable death because the same Bible you quote said we suffer witch not to live. We rebuke you and chase you back to hell. Imbecile.

    • you are as blind as the word blind itself that s y u cn open your mouth to rain curses on something that has a proper thinking faculty to observ that height of deception,point it out to u yet u wallow inignorance. may God open your eyes to see that u are doomed where u are unless u com out of that occultic gathering in disguise u call a Church. .both u n ur fellow members. Christianity is not a joke, those signs are not a joke either, they are spiritual except ur tellling me your so called man of God is nt a spiritual material …WAKE UP

      • May God forgive you all for you know not what you are doing… Because even our lord and saviour Jesus Christ was crusified for being good so I’m not surprise you are saying this about a man of God. But be careful,the bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm, do not let Gods wrath visit you because when it comes upon you, you will look for this same man to forgive you of all the rubbish you said about him and he may forgive because of his kind heart but the consequences of your sin will FOREVER live with you. Be warned thou FOOL

      • @Sophie did you investigate to find out this accusations are true before you support it? Because anyone is at will to write whatever they want to write knowing fully well that this accused will not sue them to court for defamation or debate with him,but to hand it over to God. My dear be wise. A senior bishop in my church(my dad a priest there too)when i was younger always attacked this Oyedepo, even criticized Bishop Oyedepo in his sermons. But i know how that ended up because he wrote an apology letter to Winners Chapel, the same church he accused of so many things. And in 2014, he was in canaan land Lagos State for Shiloh. I always tell people to be careful when it comes to men of God, better not to say a thing than saying what might land you into unimaginable pains. You might not even remember was as a result of what you have said. Be wise dear.

        • I actually doubted it at first when I saw it, I thought it was just some down-casting haters post. But things of such manner are not to be looked likely; so, I went to further my research on it and I found out that ‘All what the poster wrote are entirely true’. A Lot of people like me for example are just looking for a reasonable explanation for the mounted structure. I just want to know if this is what it appears to be or just an architecture design.
          To be sure of the images on your own, download Google Earth App on your android or you can open it through your browser, Type “covenant university Nigeria” and you will see the entire areal view of the church and school.

  10. @tony the same mouth u want to go and worship God on sunday, is still what you are using to curse. Do you kn that empires were writing so many report about Jesus Christ my Lord but it didn’t border him. He was only concerned about his Father’s will. Pls stay out of this, its only God that know the motive of every action of man. (Matt16vs13-19)

  11. Well no one can judge, most specially man of God,but one thing i on der stand is that this man is not judge but is asking question. By what he see so he deserve answer .Godbless man of God, Godbless nigerian.

  12. Yuh quote abt Matt 7:22 Ȋ̝̊̅§ correct. But den, who made us judge? Why not leave God τ̲̅ȍ be †ђξ judge and den yu be more concerned about were yuh soul will end up? Be wise!!

  13. Why the insult, the guy was asking questions and those that worship oyedepo should have produced answers. This shows that many so called Christians don’t follow the bible but the word of their pastors. Let us remove fanaticism from Christianity.

    • yes i support wat u hav said. those of you crucifying this guy for what he wrote, does your bible not tell you that d battle is of the lord? if he is trying to blackmail oyedepo or the church of God, y not leave God to fight him just like u have told him to let God be the judge over oyedepo. where is your christainity? it is people like you(those crucifying this writer), that will b angry when they hear somebody mock or insults Allah and the muslims retaliate. then u will begin to hear words like dis-y wouldnt they allow Allah to fight for himself? Pls house dont b quick to cause and trust no man easily. i dont have a proof to wether wat he said is true or is not. so pls go out and do ur research/digging deep first before commenting.

  14. D devil wil always never allow dem 2 kno d truth.Now tel me,4rm d close luk of d structure of d buildings,hw did d writer lie?Think abt it na.Btween a man of God n a business-man,we dont even kno who’s richer!Na wao!

    • Thank you. We are so blinded by religion that we fail to reason. It is simple. A person does not understand and need clarification, what is his crime?

  15. He has the right to ask questions come to think of it, the dude has a point, we live in the end times people, and so many shits are happening that we don’t know about. we have fake pastors all over, how then can we separate the true ones from the fake ones, i am not judging here but giving space to reason…read an article today on Joy Of Satan Ministries and trust me this dude has some point..with what i read there God help us in this world…all in all It is well..God protects is own..and to those of you claiming Bishop is ur father, i av one question for all of you, what if he is an occultic man wud u deny him then or where you there when God called Oyedepo, what do you know, so shut up and give ear to reason buit stil consider the word of God thats where all answers are? watch what you say and don’t judge people..and those supporting the person who wrote the letter, what if he has said rubbish and blasphemed against the prophet of the lord? wetin u wan do then…as Bishop Idahosa may his gentle soul rest in peace said to oyedepo “why aim to go to heaven when you have built urs on earth here”….y’all need to be watchful the best place to get a mans soul is tru religion and satan knows that, humans will do anything to get something, and their are only 2 powers in this world the Power of God and the power of satan and his angels such as azazel…

  16. d guy only askd questns so y d insult n incurri d wrath of God upon hm.u av 2 decide weda u worshp God or oyedepo.afta all only God knws a man’s hrt.u d suportas of oyedepo u shd kip ds in mind dat many r cal bt few r chosen am nt judgin any1 afta al we r in d end tym.HE WITHOUT SIN SHLD CAST D FIRST STONE


  18. well , what i have to say is…… D bible say’s ye hav d spirit of God and Ye know all things….. If u know oyedepo you wont blasphem against God….. Try and find out fact n Truth before u decide whats true n whats not…… If d writer is looking for popularity well i cant say but pls mind what u say…. God bless Nigeria…. Dayvoo!

    • I beg your pardon, “if you know Oyedepo”, you won’t blaspheme him. So he is now God to be blasphemed. And what are his good works on earth, building expensive schools, living a luxury life? How has he helped the poor on earth? Jesus said on the last day many will say “lord I cast out demons with your name”, but He will “go ye into the lake of abyss for I do not know you. When I was hungry u didn’t feed me, when I was naked, u didn’t cloth me, when I was in the prison, you didn’t visit me”.

      • Jesus said, in all your dealings with people, be mild, but yet cautious. if these images are true, (which i believe they are) then we all have to look for the true definition of Christianity, which Jesus was talking about…. right from time, i never believed in that bishop oyedepo, because he never portrayed the idea of Christianity Jesus spoke of, he has four or five private jets, two very expensive universities, and properties running into millions, but yet no sign of charity, compassion and in all Christianity( Jesus like behavior). He therefore tells us indirectly that our GOD is materialistic, and the Gospel is also false. i know Christianity is not the follower-ship of men(Oydepo, Chris, t.b Joshua et all), but Jesus Christ. Also, concerning the buildings…. if it is the work of lucifer, it is left for satan and Oyedepo and other agents to fail all over again, Because the ANCIENT OF DAYS will always prevail. To my fellow Christians, NEVER let any man or woman be your DEFINITION OF CHRISTIANITY…. only JESUS. Thank you.
        *Addressed especially to winners chapel members, they are always bound to dispute*

      • @Alpacino. That Bishop Oyedepo hasn’t given you a lift or sent you money in your bank account doesn’t mean he hasn’t contributed positively in Nigeria. That he doesn’t publish it in papers and internet doesn’t mean he isn’t helping the poor. I’m sure in the aspect of employment( do you know how many Nigerians that are under Living faith church’s, Convenant university, Landmark university, Faith academy, kingdom heritage, Dominion publishing and other organisation run by winners chapel employment? The church has made tremendous impart in education, Scholarship(which a relative of mine benefited from) Roads(ogun state thereby creating development in that suburb area and his own state, i’m also aware of him footing a percentage of local transportation in his home town no politician can do this). Do you know how many non governmental organisations that living faith church runs that sees to the less privileged, motherless homes, widows? don’t you know about David Oyedepo scholarship foundation for Africans-DOF? Are you not aware of the body’s intervention in the north in this attack period and in provision for IDP’s? Do you Bishop David oyedepo doesn’t collect a dime from all the books he authored but the income generated from these books is used for rural evangelism, missionaries, and less priviledged homes. In Dec 2014(which’s when i joined this church, i saw trucks of rice, and foodstuffs in my zone in ikoyi lagos meant for orphanage homes in lagos, i later discovered that, that’s the custom of the church every christmas and papa’s birthdays apart from the NGO run by this church. These are the few i’m so SURE of. Please you people should just be sure before you say things. Don’t attack someone because of hate or because someone says so, when you don’t have evidence to back you up. This is the only church i’ve been to in Nigeria, that’s never for one day raised a launching or donation of any kind, only your offering if you have it. Back then i was jobless and couldn’t even afford the offering, but i was so free. God bless you.

  19. Humm, what i have to say is this…..does it means that if a non believer should even say Oyedepo is a cultist to his face in the church at Ota, the followers will kill him immediately ? i read comments from Winners members and i see they are hypocrites, non of them has said something like God forgives him and let him be shown your truth, i do not know if Oyedepo is real or fake, God knows but according to what the Bible says, many will come in my name, Bibles says, find the truth certainly and hold to the truth, why not giving the chance to look into the truth WINNERS ????? of course we all smell these but who are we to judge ? I advice, winners chapel members be careful, your words even don’t show you are Christ followers because all you do is curse and dirty words which even make unbelievers better than you do and make the writer right because wide is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is it that leads to heaven, if Winners is the tiny road to heaven why do we have many people there, you there not shout Jesus name on any street in China, what can you Christians do to that and many of your members and even pastors go there for trading and importation when Jesus says you got nothing to do with unbelievers ? God sees, persecution is the true way to know Christians, not people that fly in Jets and not people that is so convenient and rich, one day, all Christians in Nigeria will have one name and all Muslims one name, meaning CAN and MAN, let no there be fractions among you, Christ is of one body, why do we have fractions ? are Christians not preaching same word and Muslim as well ? all because of MONEY, FAME, POWER, God grants Satan a big power that he can let make things happen to let GOD know who really are his people, if Bible says no one is a saint, why do we call a man saint ? bible say a righteous man will fall 7 times a day, who is clean ? NIGERIANS are so GULLIBLE, here is my fear, if OYEDEPO dies, one of the children takes over, like SAUL AND i know that is the bible verse to key the members down, why can’t God just choose a man on street that has no connection to Winners Chapel or God act like the case of SAUL TO PAUL, let him choose out of BOKO HARAM member to lead the church……NO they wont accept because WEALTH is involved.

    • @ Faith my dear, i doubt your christianity because you clearly stated here that muslims and christian are same. Dear we’re not same, a religion that clearly state that jesus is not lord and that Jesus didn’t die on the cross for the salvation of mankind, and that Jesus didn’t rise up from the grave and that their’s no resurrection can never be same to true christians. Unless you practice another type of christianity. muslims that say holyspirit according to john 14:26, 16;1-7 is their mohammed, some of them also because of their confusion claim the promised one to be like moses according to Deut 18:15 is mohammed and my Jesus clearly said he’s the one in john 5:46-4. THESE ARE THE CORE FOUNDATIONS OF CHRISTIANITY. How can you now say you’re a christian by saying christianity and islam will be same? From where did you get this teaching from? My dear read your bible. Jesus said I AM the WAY the truth and life and no one COMES to the FATHER except THROUGH ME. john 14:6. SO IT’S EITHER JESUS OR IT’S NOT!

  20. This is a scheme to tarnish his image. Most clergies don’t understand, how he could be holy yet so wealthy.

    Jesus was accused so many times. Lets leave our Bishop to answer if need be, or ignore the plot.

    We should only pray that this writer or reporter repents and turn a new leaf.

    All I can say is that Bishop preaches holiness, prosperity, etc. His messages are balanced. So if you can’t help being jealous, then preach balanced messages, lets see evidence of God’s favour in u and the sheep will flock to the shepherd.

    • Have you repented? If you die now will you go to heaven? Because he raised a serious issue, he now needs repentance. Who are you to judge? Who are you to term your bishop righteous and the writer a sinner that needs repentance? “On the last day many false prophets will proclaim in my name, they will cast out demons in my name”. Jesus said it, so how do you prove Oyedepo is not one? Only God can judge but we need to test spirits. He should come and defend himself, this can’t be coincidence.

      • By their fruit u shall know them. Come and see and listen 4 urself. Stop acting on ur ignorance. Come and see whether d servant of God is trying 2 take glory upon himself. Why on earth d people ran after Jesus, going with him where ever he went. There b a reason 4 this. Jesus was still accuse of using d power of Belzebu. Come 2 Canaanland and see thing 4 urself if all d nonsense symbols are there or not. If u don’t have money there are free transportation arrangement to and fro. B4 u come warning! Come with an opened mind because u will leave there a blessed person.

  21. If you want to know the truth about OYedepo,then attend any of the 4sunday services @canaanlaNd.Time is 6:30am,8:30am,10:30am $ 12:30pm. Only then will U b able to judge if he is a man of need to curse anybody.
    U Can also hook up online in each servic and get ur fact right

  22. Pls ppl let’s mind our comment & wot we says we can not bcos of one man sin & den all of us now sin against God we don’t know the truth here, let keep our hand clean from sin of insult & curse. May God help us in jesus name (amen)

  23. I wonder why we let fanatism and sentiments to guide us. Truth be told. The writer is very much concerned and has every right to be clarified on this issue. If you really know these demonic symbols and signs,then you will realize that he has a very big point. Take a closer look at the symbol(the masonic goat headd god) and the structure of the building. Don’t you think he deserve some explanations? Again, look at the structures with $,or is it the ones built as the pentagram? These things are facts on which the writer believe as evidence. And if you really call yourself a christian you should know the implications of such demonic symbols; except you are acting out of ignorance. No body is perfect except God, and none is Righteous except God. You can help yourself more by making research on these demonic symbols before calling somebody names just because he seeks the truth about “a man of God”.

  24. Bishop Oyedepo doesn’t reply stuff like this. His God will do. I see the writer of this stuff becoming one of the Pastors under this Bishop as soon as the demon talking through him is cast out. The Gate of hell will always get crushed. This write up is an indication that Bishop Oyedepo is called by God HIMSELF, and I see more people joining Winners Family in the name that this writer could not mention all through his write up… JESUS CHRIST, the one to whom Bishop Oyedepo is enslaved. If this writer is not a demonic agent, let him dare write the name JESUS in his next open letter. People know the Truth already.

  25. dear writter,why put a curse on yourself, so u want to make money out of this, then u re a lazy goat….just kneel down and ask for forgiveness……


  27. people will do every tin to tarnish the image of d children of GOD when this man was suffering where where u,have u heard his testimony. follow his principle of obidence to GOD n see how much God will bless u. Moreover we go to church to worship GOD n not man

    • So because he once suffered means that he is sinless and righteous now. I’m beginning to believe this man because many of Oyedepo’s supporters talk like people hypnotized.

  28. The writer of this epistle is SICK AND OBSESSED BY THE DEVIL and all will can do is to PRAY for him.
    His followers alike:=
    • Ben Anna, the writer is NOT a disciple of the faith BUT AGENT TO THE DEVIL.
    • Ijgail, your level of understanding shows that YOU are a baby Christian and I will encourage you to read Jerm 3v15. If you allow pastors, popes, Bishops etc. to brain wash you, it is your fault. Mediate on the word of God and He will surely guide you.
    • Victor, I don’t have a word for you but seek for wisdom and understanding.
    • Hanilton, my word for you are in Hosea 4v16 and Isaiah5v13 go and study them and I think it will be enough for you. God bless you with understanding.
    • Izzy. Mediate on your bible day and night. Then God will show and lead you unto the truth but get it clear that FAKE pastors, Bishops, Popes etc. will NOT stand TEST OF TIME.
    • Wale, watch your diction, how can you say that “We Christians are blind! This is NOT true.’ Just say that YOU are blind instead of generalizing your statement. May God heal your Physical and spiritual blindness? Amen and for today YOU will see the Light in the word. God bless.
    • Joejo. The writer should be concerned about his salvation “LIFE AFTER DEATH” than concentrating on physical structures. The way you design your church, mosque, office and personally issue and depending on your taste.
    Finally, the so-called researcher is trying to gain cheap reputation and I will advise him to engage his energy to something more productive rather than judging the Prophet of God- David Oyedipo.
    David Oyedipo said that GOD called him, so believe him or don’t believe him and please it is NOT by force. Locate your own Prophet/ Servant Jerm 3v 15.

  29. why not waith for the man of God to answer this quation for himself ,church members sterted to insulted the writter,think very well before u insult d writter,just a quation & pastor must answer this.

  30. Dear @Izzy i got your back on this one.
    I see majority of the sacarstic comments made on this blogpost are members of winners chapel right. But let me get this straight i support the writer, ev’ry sane human being on this planet earth has the right to ask question(s). You winners are all claiming that Oyedepo is a man of God, well who knows, i don’t judge people nor their actions. But let me tell you something, not evry true believing christians will make heaven, not all true pastors & bishops will see the kingdom of God.
    And as for you @Tony, you’re so arrogant, naive & feeble minded; i don’t blame you for that, you think Winner’s chapel is the kingdom of God. You claim to be a christian but you have the audacity to mutter blasphemy unto your fellow human……”woe be unto you”

  31. Knowledge is power. I am of the opinion that people should do their own little research before commenting for and against.
    1. Use Google Earth to confirm the aerial view of the University and the Church. I did
    2. Check the illuminati sign and the Manson sign
    3. Check the Baphomet, goat head masonic god, 69, or 666 sign as he mentioned
    4. Check the ISIS Egyptian Goddess of the Throne
    5. Compare the aerial view of the church and some of the building with these symbols

    Then draw your conclusion if there any similarities or not. Interestingly internet is available to most people making comments.

    Some of these may be mere coincidence, but argue not blindly without facts and figure. It is your choice to rationalize your findings after all. Either way, Jesus said, if the time is not shortened, my elects would almost be deceived.

    The question we should ask ourselves is where are we going after our sojourn on this earth ? Heaven or Hell.
    May the Lord open our eyes. Amen

  32. Jst a simple questions dat needs clarification we ar kiling ourselves.hw many times do u ask God why me wen ur in a dficult sitution does he kil u 4 askin pls my humble bishop should answer d simple question

  33. Dear writer, I believe its ok to ask questions about what you donot realy understand and You deserve an answer not insult or curses for your curiousity but asking these questions in the wrong place will not give you the right answers you deserve. Ask THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WHO TEACHES US ALL THINGS. GO ON YOUR KNEELS AND ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT THOUGH OUR LORD JESUS CHIRIT AND YOU WILL HAVE THE ANSWERS YOU NEED. MAY GOD GIVE YOU THE GRACE TO FIND THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK. AMEN

  34. Who are you to lay a charge upon God’s elect?? It is a disaterous thing to do to point an accusing finger on any man of God, be he good or bad. God didnt ask you to do his work for him. Leave him alone. If he be good or bad. God will do the rewarding at last…

  35. I am not surprised to read that cock and bull story. Even a secular pop artiste 2face Idibia in one of his songs said that if nobody talks about you then you are nobody. So pls find more nasty things to write for all i care. But fear just in case you are wrong!

  36. My friends and the so-called Christians raining abuses on the writer. I think you should acknowledge the fact that he was able to make this type of research. He isn’t accusing but he has observed and even if the devil is using the said writer, we all know that God will never sit and allow HIS anointed to be touched. Please those raining are evn doing worse than even the writer. Don’t be surprised baba Oyedepo might even appreciate this guys observation and wouyld want to take correction. The truth is time will always tell if our dear Baba is real or not but am sure he is doing the right thing.

  37. Dis is funny indeed,do this writer need bi-focal lens to view this images he is claiming.Well all I can say is if you go to a church and what they preach is not in accordance with what is in the bible(word of God)not magazine,then you leave such a place,dont judge any man of God,its an advice so you don’t get caught up in what is not your bizness,a word is enough for the wise.God bless you all

  38. D. Writer is. Just lookin for a way to get pples atenssion to himself wich he is succeding. God Knws All tinx..n learn nt say ill words against a man called a man of GOD kos u neva knw wat u ar bringin on ur sef family n generAtion.

  39. is dis map rily de map plan of dis mans buildings?. if no he is searve if yes he is nt. cos as a pastor he is away of de illuminatic signs which de world is now away of. so as an architect dat he is, he shld nt ve drafted it

  40. This is notin bt a confirmation of 2timothy 3, dat we are in the last days where the bad dislikes d gud and also tins like dis,

  41. God help us, whoever dis person is, he’s only acting according 2 wat he observed n hv seen. So pastor pls answer d question


  43. Brothers don’t fret.His intentions have being achieved,and that is to rattle you brethren !!! His canal likes are well elucidated in the body of Christ.It is allowed,we understand his position,confirming his role as one of the
    impostors in the body at the moment.He is forgiven with a chance to grow out of his trance we pray in Jesus mighty name!!!

  44. i am not surprise at all…but i will not judge either..let God be the judge..but to be honest..we are in the acquarion age..for those who doesnt’s an age that will usher humanity to the end of different judgement..either condemnation or Utopia…frankly speaking,the marks and symbols are devilish..the Illuminati pentagon marks,the Masonry G symbol,Isis goddess of Egypt,Stars of David,Egyptian Piramid,the dollar bill design n more are all from the occultic world..these cultism originate from Egypt,the first power on earth..moved to Assyrian,Babylon,Mede & Persia,Greeco,Roman and now in Anglo is now in procces to replace the American Government Christian foundation,and with the support of the United Nation,this will be achieved,they will create a universe of one religion,politic,economy,currency to override countries national parliaments,ironically numbering the entire world and also monitor every person location with a space digital saterlight in construction as we speak now,,the symbols n marks stated in this letter to the man of God means that each bearer of this marks n symbols are representative to the occultic realm that will prepare a way for the anti-christ to emerge…so friends be ware…God Bless you all….

  45. ur more than stupid to open ur mounth that bishop will come and explain for you.light and darkness have nothing in common.ur darkness and he is light.since u know about cult,demonds and devils consult them to tell you the truth u dont need anyone to tell you the true.u are a beast you will not leave to see good things in ur life.

  46. hmm, no be war, this is democratic, freedom of speech . Pls the so call man of God, let your word be for you his followers , church will not save you, as a cristan don’t involved in religious war.

  47. The writer has evry right to ask questions. Most of these men of God are agents of the devil. We should all mind the kind of churchhes we go to.

  48. Am surprised to hear all the crabs that you all are saying, do not judge things with sentiment for the write is not dome to have figured this out, to me this is more of like a discovery and is left for us to look into it and ask questions relating to it, i guess this question is left to bishop to answer. this is my own opinion

  49. U re all fools and ignorant! At those who think the pastor is too big to be askd and all this insult on writer shows how fake the pastor is, if not so, let him come nd confess,..that’s why most of us christian re jst fools and OUT OF GOD’S KNOWLEDGE

  50. Let him who ve WISDOM, count d no. Of d beast. (Foolishness,) is dat someone saw ur pastor worshing strange gods wit all d evidence in world & d best U can do is 2 call him names (stupidity) many American popular pastor do satanic sings, use hypnosise on ppl & they re d richest ppl in USA. How much more 9ja pastors, pls do some resaerch. But wat I belive (D man put up these strutures whn they (sings & symbols) ve nt become popular. Pls ppl Take time 2 be Holy as world rushses on.

  51. Pure nigerian mentality… nothing to say concerning this one!…the writer provided proof as per wot he was trying to pass by…those of u insulting him should at least show sum level of maturity he did no crime by making his opinion/ doubt known


  53. It’s now Clear to me that most of nigerian christians re worshipping a man not God, this is really disgursting!, is it a crime if a person challenged or asked who u think is holy???. . .those who are insulting the Innocent writer must be UNIMAGINATIVE,SHAMELESS PIGS!, . .i don’t see anythng to be offended in what the Innocent writer published, why won’t you let d holy pastor answer d question before we should react?. . .d pastor is a human like u and he’s Sinable so, u don’t hav to be offended by d writer if u re Sensible & literate

  54. I can remember d case of Elisha in d bible, when some children mocked him, two lions devour those children, about forty of them. He was mocked as bald prophet. We all know Elisha to be a true prophet if God in d land of Isreal. If Oyedepo is truly serving d most high God, without adding anything whatsoever, Let his God fight for him
    If not, then d poster can be known to be a truthful being. Oyedepo has derailed from the tru message God gave him, he is now spreading a false thing. Linda mentioned his name in her revelation, that oyedepo need to trace his step back to God. The message God gave him must be spread out.
    I am nit so shocked and surprised to see his follower who are far away from Gid, vouching for him. The question now is if death comes now, will u get to heaven? Or if rapture takes place, will u be caught up in d sky to meet the Lord?
    Let God reveal who u are today. U cannot serve God and mammon, or any other god.

  55. @ darezo, precious, sharon and bless and some other objective and not subjective xtians you have spoken well. With all due respect let the bishop clarify issues this is not what can be ignored under any guise whatsoever. Those saying the writer did not mention JESUS…let the bishop speak up in JESUS name. And may those ‘winners’ who don’t see any reason in the article have their eyes of reason, research and understanding opened in JESUS name. Amen.

  56. 4 all of u sayin d guy is askin a question,go bak 2 d article nd u would c he answered himself,which is [email protected] made me paint his observation as might-be-lies(probably).he started well by askin 2 be clarified but later became personal,insultin a supposed man of God,but any true sane xtian lik they tink they are(winners commentors)would hv nt insulted him.anyway [email protected] some good observation and worth being clarified(esp.2 d writer).

  57. hmmmmm!i wonder y pple allow d devil to us not surprise atall at such useless letter to my father in d lord bishop oyedepo cus our lord jedus christ was blasphem more dan dat!bt i pray dat God shud forgive who soeva dat wrote dis meaningless letter n fake symbols abt my church.pple watch wat u say abt God’s servants so dat u mite not incur d wrath of God upon ur life n ur generation warn!

  58. There is no point laying curses on this writer. The bible says,”touch not my anointed and do my servant no harm”, let allow the God of Bishop David O. Oyedepo, who I believe is the true of Liberation to fight for His servant. Papa aways says,”If God called a man, God is also committed in backing the man up”. My prayer is let the God of His servant, Bishops David O. Oyedepo arise and prove Himself that He is the true God who called him and gave him the ‘Liberation mandate’ in mighty Jesus! And I also pray God should bless and grant His grace to accomplish the task (the Liberation of the world from all Oppressions of the devil) He gave him in Jesus! Bishop David O. Oyedepo, I believe in you as one of the agent of God’s agenda for this season, it doesn’t matter what others think or say about you, you will remain my spiritual father till Jesus comes. God bless the winners family! God bless nigerians!

  59. seek first the kingdom of God & his righteousness, & all other things shall be added 2 u. But the masonic signs are signs of earthly wealth & earthly possesions. check out how ppls ears are always aching 4 prosperity messages. Truelly, this question needs an answer.

  60. Yeah! don’t crucify the writer,Wat he said might be true. Yu the winnernites walk by sight not by leg alone. Is there any thing like these symbols this man posted on paper in Oyedepo’s Church? If there is,do u even try to find the meaning to the symbols? May God lead us aright.

  61. I don’t trust anyone dat claims 2 be a pastor bcos most of dis new generation churches r operated lik business centres. I will continue to worship in d catholic community.

  62. That is why I will die a catholic. Moreso, I do not see conclusion in what the guy has written. Those attacking him are wrong. Leave it for God. After all heaven is an individual race. You can still make heaven in Winners Church provided you are doing that in truth and in spirit. Or must you go to heaven along with Oyedepo? Or are you afraid of the truth? Note, Oyedepo can make heaven without you. If I am to advise you, I would say be wary of any person that preaches riches. Wish you success in your heavenly endeavour

  63. We believe our baba Oyedepo is a child of God, and God use him in so many ways, he sees vision that we do not see. Bt to me I believe the person who wrote this letter have a clue before writing it, he must have done his researches before writing. As Gods children, I believe what we should do now, is to do our own research to conclude If he really found such things. If what the writer said is true, then our dear father should at least give us reasons, and teach us what we do not know, I believe our God will never let his children be put to shame, and as for the writer, if finally you just posted this without any truth behind it, then you must know what you have done to yourself, I cannot judge. For those of us raining abuses and curse on him, you are not suppose to do that, do your researches and check if what he wrote is true, if it is, please do not be afraid, we have to call on our daddy Oyedepo to say something, and I believe he would be glad to do so. When God calls you, he will always put the right words and answers in your mouth. Thanks and God bless us all

  64. if you are among those that have insulted the person that wrote this ,may God 4give you . It is universally known that those signs the writter is talking about are satanic,if such signs are found in a place of worship, as a christian ,the person in countrol should be questioned to clear people doubt. Only if the information is true . God bless Nigeria and open our eyes to take the right part, and not be deceived by few. End time has come

  65. Nigerians are d mst foolish people on earth.So because he’s a pastor its nt Illuminati eh?Do u guys read d bible at all?!! D devil himself knws every statement in d bible does dat make him a man of God?or somewhat anointed? D EndTime is Here nd False Prophets ar amongst d signs Smhf!!

  66. Letz all beware of wat comes out of our month, d writter is only asking 4 xplaination concerning his research. Nd i truely think he deserve an answer. Only God knws d truth.

  67. Simply judge every case with an open mind to make ur own conclusions.also, belief in God is the most important thing cos u don’t have to go tru any pastor and dis is a common problem with christians

  68. som people be lik “av been in [email protected] church 4 several years,there is nothing lik [email protected],he is a liar”hahahaaa,get urself an helicopter cos it an upview…oh,God! wen r u goin 2 perfect ur children nd com 4 us,am tired of everything in this world.i jus 1nt 2 be where u r.i love u Jesus.

  69. I was once a member. But later left when i saw that oyedepo was addressing himself as GOD indirectly. Claiming he is the one God has sent to deliver these world 4rm satanic oppression. Indirectly say he is the christ the chosen one.

  70. Every criticism is 4 our publication. This is d era of rising stars & we’ll b making headline news. This is just idleness,poverty & mere ignorance by d writer. The idle man is d devil’s workshop. Man pls, seek 4 wisdom & understanding 4rm d word. I’m a proud winner & i advise u 2 join d winners family. God bless u

  71. You guyz should be matured and stop d insults. If u’r truely a child of God as u claim den u shuldnt av release all dis insults 4rm ur mouth to d writter of dis latter. He wrote wat he saw and demand an xplanation nt insults 4rm u. Remember d story of Jesus wen peter wanted 2 fight 4 him and he as peter 2 b still dat he dnt nid a fighter and if nt He can oder 4 d Angels to com fight 4 Him. So, stop defending dady and comitting more sins. Alow him speak 4 himself if he wants 2 nd stop insulting d poor latter writter. God d all knowing knows all and he’ll judge us all. Who knows if he is write bt wo can tel. Leave all 4 d maker 2 judge. Stop the insults pls. If u’r truely a child of God den u shuld plead 4 mercy not insult and addin more. God have mercy on us and bless us all. Amen.

  72. Judge not that thou might be judged. To every inference, statement, etc that you are not sure of, PLEASE, GIVE IT AN IOTA OF DOUBT.
    For the mere fact that a man calls himself a MAN OF GOD, you have to accord him that respect and dont say anything evil about him.
    I would not support any party but dont forget… There is a day coming that the secrets of all hearts shall be revealed.

  73. May God open our heart & sight 2 see n know d 2ruth about d matter in question hmmmmmm i dnt knw wat 2 say about d whole scenera.God help us.

  74. Judge nt so ye be nt judge,i can’t join anybody in critisning a man of just b care about wot u say abt men of God,cause God Him self is watching.

  75. The Bible admonishes that our speech be seasoned always with grace. We are not religious, we are the reflection of Christ, we are one body, therez not suppose to be division amongst the Children of God (1 Corinth 1:10). Let God be the judge, be more concerned about eternity and ur salvation, researches will not take us anywhere, meither will defending the man of God. As we can all see, the man of God has not made any comment regarding this issue, this is wisdom!!! I am not a member of Winners Chapel, but i am a Child of God. We should express the LIGHT which we carry and stop insulting one another just to prove a point. God bless us richly

  76. Thank you Jesus for all you have done, all that you are doing and all you are about to do!!! Pls my fellow bretheren shall we continue living in sin that Grace may abide??? If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask the Almighty that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given. James 1:5. Jesus who has sent us the Holy spirit to guide us in truth. Instead of us fighting the physical, why cant you pray to God reveal the deep secrets of this world. You are a pastor is not a guarantee that u must make heaven! Mind your mouth cos God is a consuming God. God bless his servant Bishop David Oyedepo
    God bless you
    God bless Nigeria
    The church is marching on and the gate of hell can NEVER prevail against it.
    *A DONE DEAL***

  77. The writer asked and judged. As Christians, lets just Watch and Pray. Church can never send yu to Heaven, its yur Heart that God sees and judges. God Bless Oyedepo, God Bless the Christians. Amen

  78. I see the preacher has made lots of zombies indeed! They are so brainwashed they can eat u alive on behalf of their father! :p

  79. Uhm, dose that re opposing pastor david o. Oyedepo, nd d writer of dis article! U re alll mad!!!! U re crazy!!! It wil not b well wit u!!! God will punish u all!!!
    Am not a true born again oh, but I wil neva acept dat 4rm u alll!!!
    Bkos he build d church in such shape or u see oda signs means he’s a cultist or wat? Once again God wil neva av mercy on u!!
    Am saying all dis out of annoyance, bkos, pastor, we re talking abt is God sent, God through him perform miracles, av u seen where he spray u powder oor use hankercchief in touching u??? U beta b warned nau, kos He is dere doing his own job God sent him while u re here talking against him!
    I was surprised wen u said pastor david oyedepo!, if it were to be other pastors, I wouldn’t say anytin!
    May God punish u all once again as I am angry ryt nw, peace wil neva b wit u!! AMEN in jsus name!
    Winners or covenant or faith tabernacle watever, it is still d biggest nd d largest church in d whole world, not africa! Idiots! Toi have such biggest church in africa is a pride for me!!!
    Alliens! U re not supposed to live in dis planet!! Don’t eva tak abt dat pastor again!
    And if u do tak against him, u nd ur generation will bear d risk, me I no b born-again xtian but, God had once saved me when I was still attending faith tabernacles! The God of pastor david o. Oyedepo keeps me alive til date! Idiots!!!

  80. @Alpacino or wat re u called, bliv d writer or not, u also fall a victim of trouble nd ramifications! I don’t know why you want to carry anoda ones problem unto ur own head!
    If I were u, I wud jus shut up nd neva say anytin against anybody!
    @ jerry orban, am not a member of winner satellite fellowship, am once invited there, I had testimonies outside d church nt even in d sorroundings of d church! By nw I wud av bin dead, but by God grace and the communion I ate @ d church, I am alive today! So, u re saying d preacher zombies re fighting for their father, u re wrong, bkos, d trust is dere, y won’t they fight! Nd indeed, I wasn’t a member til nau but I stand against anytin odd!!! I think u guys shd stop all dis, bkos God knws evrything! Even if if the writer is ryt abt wat he says abt him, let’s leave dat to God! Nd don’t kal pple here zombies, if they re zombies wht re u jerryy??? U re nutin but sand!!!!!

  81. To the best of my tiny knowledge…definately God is d Judge,bt i tell u all solemly. The truth would definately be revealed. To all criticizing, it wud b far better if u wud give answers to d writer’s simply questions(cuz wats d essence of being involved in a faith u re nt sure of)no offence ment, (when d clouds gathers we know it wud rain,and eventually it does

  82. Well to begin with,the letter was addressed to the Bishop, neither to the followers and the admirers, nor the Christians and the architects of the building involved. The Bishop is a pastor among many pastors, in just an institution(religion) among many institutions(political,economics, family, educational, religion e.t.c) in the society.
    We all appreciate the new development in science and technology in the world that make us to achieved desirable ends, without thinking of how it is been done. The world is moving because of inquisitive nature of rational people toward cause ‘n’ effect relationship, not those that are dogmatic in nature. If not for the inquisition of some people through the observations, criticism, and historical analysis, how do we know the existence of Illuminati society and its agents in almost every institutions in the world, notably USA, why then all this assassination of the writer’s character because he had questioned obvious analogy.
    And for the defense of the Bishop by the followers by employing verbal attack, none of you have proven that analogy to be similar or not, instead you have all employed red herring tactics, hmmmm! that devil is a liar. I think u are all giving what you have in the absence of logical argument. The literacy level of Nigérians is estimated at 68-70%, but sincerely, the part of so called ‘literate’ in the country are semi-literate or half-baked educated people, judging from their modules, who are only conscious when it come to religion and its dogmatic nature. Well “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” — Ayn Rand
    I do not know how we can atone for the wrong doing which can’t be undone. Galileo Galilei was killed by the church for a crime considered heresy, which we now live to understand the church position on the matter been wrong about the relationship between solar system. People like you that called the writer names have one thing in common with the short-sighted, blind followers that resist criticism by killing Galileo.
    The leader takes responsibility, let the Bishop prove the many happenstances to be coincidental himself. It will not be fair for the Bishop to consider the questioning as rhetorical, but for him to shatter the unwanted silence and sheds light on this issue, not for the sake of the faithful and loyal followers, (who knew holiness is in the DNA and been immune to errs or wrong doing), but for those who are yet to be following. And in the absent of feedback to the writer’s letter, I among many seekers of knowledge will consider that as a silent approval to the writer’s analogy to be true.
    Our dear Bishop, let there be light to this issue, the Israe-lites, not the one illuminated by ILLUMINATI.

    • Even JESUS took time to answer the Jews when they queried HIS divinity. The writer has asked a question. Its up to Pa Oyedepo to provide clarification. Pending that, silence will be taken to signify agreement with the “coincidence”. Christianity is not just a religion. It should be a personal way of life. I lie?. Look at the Buddhist, Jews and Moslems. Our doctrine should dictate our lifestyle. Down to the way we structure our buildings, no?.

  83. Dear Writer, I suppose u are a Christian for writing this and I do appreciate that. But ve you listen or read news about our country fading away to become an Islamic nation? Child Marriage is just not the beginning, it’s a preamble. Instead of you looking for questions that helps to establish God’s glory, you are busy monitoring another man’s life. If you have the opportunity to post on media site and you didn’t use it wisely God will judge you. Fellow Nigerians, do not be fooled by his article, there were more important issues to be publicise than been to spiritual here. Mr Righteous Writer, pls focus more on things that benefit than critics. You still ve no facts by not making a participatory observation. God bless the true men of God. God bless Nigeria!!

  84. Am surprised at such level of ignorrance on the side of all of u cursing the writer, for me u are nt yet born u are reacting seems to me that u worship the bishop nt God.whn the jews acused jesus and kiled him did the apostle abused them.

  85. If papa is using ocultic power to do all that is doing and he is achieving all these i will advise that he should continue because he has better many lives including me. After all the work of Christ is to liberate people from the oppression of the devil. My advise to the researcher is that if he also know how to get this type of power, he should please get it and start helping people as papa is doing please and please go search for this type of power people are suffering. In fact we need over ten thousand of this calibre of people in Nigeria. As a reminder to the researcher the so called people you called illuminat are the people sending dollars to our government and we are also spending from the money. The dollars given as aids has benefited us a lot. If the people you called ocultic are doing these wonderful things, let the people who are not ocultic make Nigerian proud now. God bless the researcher as he or she embarks on the same mission so as to deliver our people from abject poverty.

  86. Not even a single Cross sign……at least even for the church. O-O
    Even if I attend oyedepo’s church I will still agree wit the article Cos I trust no One.

    • Thankyou for this one obvious fact. If it is all coincidence, why isnt one of the structures similar to a cross or a dove or any christian symbol?.
      We have thousands of catholic churches that are designed to look like a cross from an aerial view..
      WHY DO THEY ALL LOOK LIKE SYMBOLS FROM ONLY ONE BRANCH OF RELIGION: SATANISM??.. Even a buddist symbol is still acceptable.

  87. well what are we going to gain if we keep on criticising Men of GOD, i want every one of us to know that in dis end time its the church that will take the last reign Mich 2:2and the hope of Nigeria is on the mercy of the hand of GOD via the Church

  88. “by their grammar you shalt know them”
    1). The folks doing the cursing and insulting are the ones with the worst sentence construction. Does this tell you the level from which they reason this matter?.
    2). Facts have been provided and resources supplied for reverification. Do you see any of the warriors stating the obvious fact that the writer is on a sensible course?.
    3). Jesus NEVER opened HIS mouth to curse any human not even the thief insulting HIM on the cross. Who is Oyedepo that HE should be beyond query from a fellow human?.
    4). The writer ASKED Oyedepo to comeout and clear the issue up of the strange coincidences. He never stated that he had any satanic or occultic ties. Our warriors have no mention of that.
    Until the blind majority in this country can learn to challenge all knowledge even stupid politicians will continue to deceive them. **puts pen down, logout**

  89. The problem we have as christians is thst we have forgotten that this is end time. We should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil, he can use anybody to deceive multitude to hell. All we need do is to pray for the spirit of discerning so that we won’t be carried away by what we see or hear. The coming of the Lord is at hand. Finally,dont judge anybody or condem.

  90. just a comment, asking questions, why the fight or rather why raining courses on this man, the truth is that we always flea up whenever we hear anything about our so called Pastors or Man of God dat we respect, Pls my fellow Nigerians, we should not exalt Pastors than our God, this is end time my people, many things are happening now in the world, Jesus Christ is watching you all, the truth is dat those signs are real, goggle the signs yourself, but God is the overall gorge. God bless you all.

  91. The church i like is winner. Papa is real but how did you know it true that papa is not real first day i came to the church my mind chose the caanland., bible say that touch not the anoited and do my profect no harm

  92. itz amazing how very few followers of Papa commented on this. I am so impressed. Papa taught us well, we dont have time for nonsense and for one cheap guy trying to look for popularity. Whatsoever ur name is we obliged your effort just like your brother of the same father the devil exposed illuminati and claimed that TBN TD Jakes are memebers of Illuminati so also you have aired your view. We have heard. Sure you may seek legal redress on this. That will be beautiful. Have u met any Convenat University graduate that shows any sign of demonic obsession or possession? They are high fliers and companies always thank God for they are always a blessing to them. Have u heard of multitudes of deliverances on that land u called demonic because of some symbols? you must be very daft! Living faith started since 1983. since you are an expert at stuff like this just mention ONE demonic church that has DISGUISED AS A CHURCH OF CHRIST that has lasted for so long. mention just one! You are entiltled to your opinion though just like everyone making comments. However, if your accusations are wrong i ray you have enough libido to handle the consequences. The funniest thing even Bishop will only pray for you and will pray about whet you have written and cancel any evil plans on the premises. He has a big heart that loves and forgives easily. So brother thanks for your observation, if you are not satisfied you may go to world court to seek redress.

    • This man is insane! Its all as a result of jealousy. Come and accept the Jesus Bishop David Oyedepo teaches and av a change of story. Its not too late 4u. ….

  93. Stupid people!!! Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. No man is God and God is not man! .. Learn about symbolism and ask your pastor to clarify you! Daft senseless stupid foolish brainwashed hypnotized fools. You all shall know the truth and then it shall set you free. I pray for you all.

  94. Friends I wish to speak last on this matter… God is never an author of confusion and He would never release any idea or perhaps revelation that will create bias in the Body of Christ. This is exactly what the devil does- they are his devices. Paul talked of brethren who preached for their belly and other hidden and selfish reasons but he concluded that his delight is that many are won to God (Phil3:18,19 & ROM16:18 – I hope the quotes are right). Whatever is the case I wish to point it to you writer Haliwud – we are in an information age where everyone has access to information, it appears you have a different google map, or did you think every body will be lazy to go for research as you claim to have done. Maybe some will but not all, because your claims are wrong, your map-make of cannaan land is inconsistent with the diagrams you have. When one little appearance created a link, the rest were fabricated to make up the map. I’m sure that was not you who did that, perhaps you were influenced. I say so because you sound to spiritual to be of that thinking. Friends visit google map for yourselves and see that God is good. I’m not a winner by the way. I’m our fellow believers. God bless the gospel, God bless Nigeria!!

  95. This is devils handwork and am not surprise. May God forgive those speaking against an anointed man. And as for u that wrote this letter, I don’t think you are busy , nd u need deliverance.

  96. Bonjour Bishop Docteur Daviid Oyédépo,
    je souhaite rentrer en contact avec vous à travers votre adresse personnelle afin de communiquer avec vous sur plusieurs sujets de ma vie. Dans l’espoir que ma lettre vous parviendra, veuillez agréer, pasteur l’expression de mon profond respect.
    De GNALI CASIMIR Contact: (225) 57 97 92 22. Côte d’Ivoire.

  97. I thank U mr Herry for eye opener of all this demonic practises been exhibitesd by our so called man of God on our holy soul ,but i want U to enlighten us more about de demonic symbols ,My brothers do U know that a christian who worship God with old testament practise, stands against the new testament, so mind U a liar will end up in hell fire.a fornicator, a killer,i thank God for this writter, All sin is sin,no small or big one, pastor Answer de questions set before U by our writter, may God help U to answer this question, my writter may our God be with U in Jesus Christ Holy name AMEN.

  98. The bible say, their is nothing cover that shall not be reveal.narrow is d way that leads to enter thing i know is that all event to come as been prophesy by the our lord jesus.shalom! By emmy

  99. The way the followers of pastor oyedepo are abusing and cursing the writer is not the best. No one is above mistakes, not even the pastor. Those sighns actually are demonic. The man of God should come out to explain how he came about the signs and what they stand for. He can do so during the service to his congregation. By failing to do so means he has something to hide and the more speculations, which has no end. Do it for once and shame d devil. This is a wet ground for satan to operate. Satan is using us to knock each others heads. Let’s stop d war. Pastor oyedepo over to you!

  100. Man of God pls what took u so long to answer the question set before u by Henry, let me give u some insight that can help u to answer the question, (1) Occlticsm is plainly condemned in torah Leviticus 20:6,27(2) Those your sign & star of David so called,it was Solomon son of David that brought it into Jerusalem, God condemned people worshiping him with those star (1kings 11:1-11,The star & the goat head is called (ecape goat which is use in the church of satan Amos 5:26,24-26 Any one who intrested to know more call 08037848163 Bible teacher Thomas A.

  101. I dont really know why you can allow the devil use you as an instrument of molestation against the man of God……..Well,all I know is that our lord nd saviour was chastised out of jealousy,so,u accusing the man of God shouldn’t take people by suprise….may the wrath of the almighty come upon you 4 u’ved rebel against him.

  102. The writer made a remark and unfortunately has made a mark of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost at work in Bishop Oyedepo, I pray for God to forgive him n remove the spell of d devil on him. May he see the light of God once again in Jesus Name Amen. I Love Bishop David Oyedepo. This kind of wealth only comes from God

  103. it is written @ d last day scorners will rise col 3 also written 2 b carnaly minded is death 2 b spiritually minded is life walk in Spirit and u will not fulfil d desire of d flesh writer give ur life 2 Christ first then His Holy Spirit will guide u into all truth God bless papa Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo God bless winners families God bless all Spirit filled Christians God bless our great nation Nigeria!!

  104. Imagine!!! Dose of u̶̲̥̅̊ insultin d writer of dis article, A̶̲̥̅яε̲̣̣̣̥ u̶̲̥̅̊ sure u̶̲̥̅̊ A̶̲̥̅яε̲̣̣̣̥ born again xtians or is dis wat xtains do?

  105. If what the writer said is true and by any chance those signs and symbols and inscribed, graved or molded anywhere at Cannan land then there is no doubt, David Oyedepo belongs to the cult any explanation not withstanding because light and darkness has nothing in common. However, if not so then the writer should know that he is trekking a dangerous path. Though this writer is not the first to accused the ‘man of God’ on this. Pastor Tunde bakare did equality talks about Oyedepo teaching heresy and misleading the people with some of his write up like power in anointing oil and the communion. Nevertheless, let heaven seekers look only up to Christmas, the author and finisher of our faith.

  106. Dear researcher,where were you when d bishop was riding volks wagen beatle.If u are short of research work,why not try ur hands on other activities instead of incuring the wroth of God into ur life.

  107. the bible said dat we should look unto jesus d author and finisher of our faith.our main concern should b 2 make lets follow jesus footstep and nt man.

  108. Yes I attend winners and love Oyedepo but the writer had a right to express his concern all the symbols are cultic symbols and yes most literate Nigeria are illiterates and lack basic information on this subject.
    I know Oyedepo can defend himself and I believe its also a source of concern when Nigerians tend to worship man n not God. as much as I love and respect him as my Bishop he is still human and I also need answers cos its God I truly go to cannan land to worship and bishop is just a vessel he uses to bless us.
    Brethren stop defending papa its as if you are hidding a secret pls ….

  109. Let only God be true and all men lier. All our righteouness is like a filthy rag b/4 God. I am so impressed by this research, pls keep it up. Ppl of winners chapel i even tot u will be happy @ this enlightenment, hv u not read my ppl perish bcos they lack knowledge. I tell u the day i heard the lyrics of under my umbrella by rihanna and the illustration. I shed tears sorrowful bcos i had sang it b/4. Also canaan land is not strange to me, i have worship there of several occasion(pls hv mercy on me Lord Jesus). Hv u not also had kanye west calling Jesus in one of his song titled Jesus walks. So it not strange when u see fake ordinary ppl/ agents of devil turning themselves into angel of light. Remember Jesus as warned us to beware of foxes, ravelling wolves. He also confirm it that many shall say ” i have cast out demons in ur name and many miracles in thy name” but Jesus will say i know u not ye workers of iniquity. More truth are going to be unfold just sit tight and braid urself. This is the sign of endtime. Pls get ready to Go wit d Lord.

  110. why are we fighting the guy that discovered the signs of darkness in cannan land,do you trust your pastor, is he God to be trusted?,the bible said we should trust in God not human.let’s pray that God will open our eyes to behold that which is truth.

  111. I am so ashame of some the comments, I guess google map didn’t manipulate those images. A thinking man will always filter. I know for sure nothing is hidden under the sun. The truth will either bound some people and set some free. He never said anything wrong to him. I appreciate your Bishop. But what can u say about these things urself.

  112. u people spend time looking for d faults of pastors just to make u feel like a good observer.
    u allow ur crave u b known make u write anything that comes to head.
    what a shame.
    Who r u to judge?
    To hell with ur Google map.
    If u know u still want a seat in heaven, repent now writer!
    ur condemnation of a Man of God will make u a victim of condemnation on judgment day.
    The problem u people v s that u believe everything extraordinary is from d devil.
    u v all forgotten wealth s of d Lord.
    If ur Google map is so functional, give Nigeria d map sketch of where d adopted girls by Book haram are now.
    I pray ur story shall b that if Saul,so that u will know that he is d one behind is servant BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO.
    I WILL also used this medium to wish u papa a happy 60th birthday.
    we love u!!!!!!!!

  113. If God was to be comprehended and search out by reasoning and intellectual wisdom, the afflicted, depressed, oppressed, beaten up, poor, helpless, cursed and accursed, the possessed and obsessed …would have be going to the World in spite on the CHURCH ! CHURCH people are strange people, peculiar, speaking unreasonable tongues, threatening unseen ennemies, dancing even in mourning , hoping beyond Hope, giving birth even when declared scientifically( logic, reason) barren!!! Our sanctuaries are places of stranges occurrences, our leaders are not professors but prophets, they are not trying to explain the visible, they have the révélation of the invisible! The World cannot explain itself , it has never been it´s mission is explain the CHURCH , so relax, Man of very few knowledge! The matter you are addressing is more subtil for your for your two-dimensional brain, leave it for your Own sake or write à bookmakers! It might help your family after you are no more since this World feeds on rubbish! I cannot bless you, may your memories be cancelled and your actions erased!

  114. If God was to be comprehended and search out by reasoning and intellectual wisdom, the afflicted, depressed, oppressed, beaten up, poor, helpless, cursed and accursed, the possessed and obsessed …would have be going to the World in spite on the CHURCH ! CHURCH people are strange people, peculiar, speaking unreasonable tongues, threatening unseen ennemies, dancing even in mourning , hoping beyond Hope, giving birth even when declared scientifically( logic, reason) barren!!! Our sanctuaries are places of stranges occurrences, our leaders are not professors but prophets, they are not trying to explain the visible, they have the révélation of the invisible! The World cannot explain itself , it has never been it´s mission to explain the CHURCH , so relax, Man of very few knowledge! The matter you are addressing is more subtil for your two-dimensional brain, leave it for your Own sake or write à book! It might help your family after you are no more since this World feeds on rubbish! I cannot bless you, may your memories be cancelled and your actions erased!

  115. The writer must be a witchcraft grand master. I wonder how he flew over this God anointed building without being executed .Next time he tries that,God’s mercy will be too far from him and he will live to confess publicly

  116. How do u make a blind man see,history has it that those who are not ready to learn from history are doomed to repeat history.The ignorance are d most ridiculous people on earth,they ignore basic knowledge.The write-up is not condemning anybody,it’s all about enlightenment and a simple question”can d man of explain this”.Let’s stop condemning or causing,let’s face this horrific truth daring us right now.No doubt he(Oyedepo) is called but for d symbolism i object,and I will never be d Devil’s advocate becos d man of God being an architect by ought to come out and defend himself.Truth is not for everybody but for d desperate,there’s been many write-ups about this subject,i urge people to stop playing fanboyism but they should allow their curiosity for hidden knowledge to guide them aright.

  117. How do u make a blind man see,history has it that those who are not ready to learn from history are doomed to repeat history.The ignorance are d most ridiculous people on earth,they ignore basic knowledge.The write-up is not condemning anybody,it’s all about enlightenment and a simple question”can d man of God explain this”.Let’s stop condemning or causing,let’s face this horrific truth daring us right now.No doubt he(Oyedepo) is called but for d symbolism i object,and I will never be d Devil’s advocate becos d man of God being an architect by profession ought to come out and defend himself.Truth is not for everybody but for d desperate,there’s been many write-ups about this subject,i urge people to stop playing fanboyism but they should allow their curiosity for hidden knowledge to guide them aright.

  118. All i want you to know is that God said, “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” But if you wish to, you better ask your people to go and buy your coffin and start digging your grave. Be wise!!!

  119. Mr Writer, i know you writers specialized in bringing down anyone that has made it.
    But Holy spirit said i should tell you that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea.4:6
    and ask me to tell you to read Isa.41:18-20. and you should memorize vs 20″
    because, He who sent him will remind you of this article you post.

  120. Can the writer specify one Good thing he has done to encourage the uplifting of any Nigerian,a christian, or a student from less privileged home,than to speak guile to a Prophet for this generation including the writer himself.I pray for you that God will give you a mind to repent of your write-up in Jesus name Amen.

  121. Let somebody watch “The Da Vinci Code” and the Documentaries related to it on Discovery Channel. (still available on YouTube). Then we will just find all things kinda funny. Only God himself knows the truth. Even most of the books we read in the name of scriptures were written by man, a man with every tendency to make mistakes, lie, conspire and deceive.

  122. I tink I ll b right to say d writer is wrong. But wat if he is right? Afterall we most taste all powers. But finally, am proud to b a catholic cos no one owns d Holy Church except Jesus Christ my Lord n personal Saviour which my church is always interested in helpin me see Him in His second comin. Is ur church preparin u 4 Christ??? Judge urself

  123. May the a God of my prophet bishop David oyedepo visit you with His wrath and pour down the consequences and anger of His hot displeasure upon you for post such rubbish….. Except you plead for mercy, you will NEVER escape God’s wrath….. You are heading to doom and destruction of your life and your entire generation… You had better go on your knees for God’s mercy

  124. It is a pity for the followers of Christ to neglect the basic truth about end time.Bro I like or post and observations. Gal 3:13 is for u.remain bless til I hook up with u in heavenly Paradise


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