Photos: A glimpse into Tunde and Wunmi Obe’s N400million mansion


Days back i wrote a report about Tunde and Wumi’s mansion and even showed you photos of what the compound outside looked like; well here’s even more photos for your eyes.


This time, the photos are ones taken inside the N400million Lekki mansion.

The mansion is said to have taken about six years to finish building.

Inside-Photos-from-Tunde-and-Wunmi-Obes-Lekki-Home-6 Inside-Photos-from-Tunde-and-Wunmi-Obes-Lekki-Home-5 Inside-Photos-from-Tunde-and-Wunmi-Obes-Lekki-Home-4 Inside-Photos-from-Tunde-and-Wunmi-Obes-Lekki-Home-3 Inside-Photos-from-Tunde-and-Wunmi-Obes-Lekki-Home-2 Inside-Photos-from-Tunde-and-Wunmi-Obes-Lekki-Home-1