Photos: Your Premier League Clubs’ Kits For Next Season (Look Before Ordering.)

Aston Villa

Aston Villa's Home and Away Kit.
Aston Villa’s Home and Away Kit.

Cardiff City.

Cardiff City's Two-Tone Red Home Kit.
Cardiff City’s Two-Tone Red Home Kit.


Chelsea's Away Kit.
Chelsea’s Away Kit.


The Blues' Home Kit.
The Blues’ Home Kit.


Home Goalkeeper's Kit.
Home Goalkeeper’s Kit.

Manchester City.

Manchester City's Home Kit.
Manchester City’s Home Kit.


Manchester City's Goalkeeper Kit.
Manchester City’s Goalkeeper Kit.


City's Home Kit.
City’s Home Kit.

Everton FC.

Everton FC's New Home Kit.
Everton FC’s New Home Kit.

Fulham FC.

Fulham FC's Home Kit.
Fulham FC’s Home Kit.


Liverpool's Home Kit.
Liverpool’s Home Kit.


Liverpool's New Away Kit.
Liverpool’s New Away Kit.


Liverpool's Variant Kit.
Liverpool’s Variant Kit.

West Ham.

West Ham's Home Kit.
West Ham’s Home Kit.

Newcastle United.

Newcastle United's New Kit (Sponsored By Wonga).
Newcastle United’s New Kit (Sponsored By Wonga).

Part 2 will have Manchester United, Arsenal, West Brom, Swanse, Crystal Palace, Norwich, Stoke City, Southampton and Sunderland.