‘Root Of Rivers Crisis Lies In Jonathan’s Bedroom’


The opposition Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has reiterated its call for the impeachment of President Goodluck Jonathan over what it said is his failure to uphold the rule of law in the ongoing political crisis in Rivers State.

The ACN also faulted the one-sided interest the Police Service Commission (PSC) is showing in the saga saying a statement credited to its Chairman, former Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mike Okiro, suggested that the commission was only interested in the role of the police in the fracas at the state House of Assembly instead of widening its scope to include the role of the police commissioner, Mr. Mbu Joseph in the worsening security situation in the state.

It stated that the commission was not interested in how the Mr. Mbu willingly allowed the situation take a turn for the worse because he was acting to protect certain interests at the expense public peace.

The statement reads in part, “Governor Amaechi has documented, in a much-publicised letter to Mr. Okiro, how the Police Commissioner in Rivers, Mr. Mbu has thrown professionalism to the winds in pursuing his narrow agenda at the expense of the security of the state.

“It is on record that this ‘political policeman’ has worsened the security situation in the state since he assumed office in February 2013 by undermining the authority of the Governor as the Chief Security Officer of his state; undermining the security structure put in place by the State Security Council and compromising the council to such an extent that members no longer speak their minds freely during meetings.

“These are the issues we expect a non-partisan PSC to address with a view to sanctioning whoever it is that paved the way for the disgraceful show that was put up under the klieg light last week. While the PSC will be right to sanction even the policemen shown to have acted badly that day, the sanctions must extend to their bosses who allowed that to happen.”

ACN also insisted that President Jonathan, his aides and the Peoples Democratic Party could not be completely extricated from the Rivers crisis.

It said, “Anyone with a conscience knows that the root of the problem in Rivers lies in the President’s bedroom, and no amount of fanciful statements or name calling targeted at those who are conscientious enough to call a spade a spade will change that.

“This is why we are insisting that the President must be impeached by the National Assembly for his failure to respect the rule of law and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which he has taken an oath to uphold.”


  1. What is d business of PSC with d day to day running of d police. Methink d operational command of d police lies solely with d IGP. I still don’t know why we have a Minister of Police Affairs, then d Police service commision, then d IGP, all on top of d police service. D force is top heavy- indeed it has apoplexy at d top and anaemia at d bottom rank and file. Dis is d reason for their inefficiency. Borrowing a leaf from d Armed forces, d superfluous PSC should be scrapped immediately. In its placeN we should have a police Board comprising d VP as chairman, 2 nominees of d President preferably ex IGPs, d Minister of police Affairs, d IGP, one State Governor from each of d six zones (to be rotated every year) PermSec Mins of Police Affairs as secretary.. D board meets once every qtr unless there’s need for emergency meeting. D secretariat should be autonomous and housed within d ministry. Once dis is done d police will change,it will be compact, responsive, less expensive or better utilisation of resources, defined but not duplicated leadership, trim out unwanted fat to retain qualitative and dedicated personnel etc( d Governors are neccesary in d absence of State police for now)