Selly’s Boyfriend: “Nando Kissed But Did Not Penetrate My Girlfriend”

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Selly’s chase for the $300,00.00 came to an end a couple of weeks ago and the Ghanaian housemate has since returned to Ghana and back to her boyfriend before the show started, Praye Tiatia.

The Ghanaian housemate Selly quickly ran back into the arms of Praye and confessed her undying love for him – Praye himself is saying that Selly’s well publicized love-sessions were all part of a game plan.

‘I love Big J (Praye Tiatia) and we are not breaking up – we are even stronger together and I want to take this opportunity to say I thank him a lot for being my tower of strength – even before I return from South Africa people told him to dump me but he has been so supportive,’ Selly said.

This is contrary to recent media report, which quoted Selly clearly saying she loved BBA housemate Nando and wished he would win the show.

There has been a big controversy surrounding Selly and Nando following the latter’s confession that he and Selly had an affair in the house and Selly had infected him with a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Selly told Adom News she never had sex with Nando and that both of them were tested and no such disease was found on her, so she suspects Nando might have picked up the infection from a toilet seat.

‘I have no STDs and I have a medical report to prove that’ she stated emphatically.

She admitted to making out with Nando in the house, but denied there was penetration, adding that the controversy has strengthened her relationship with boyfriend Praye Tiatia aka ‘Big J’.

‘Big J is the best guy I have ever known in my life because in the midst of all these confusion he was my strength. My friends in South Africa thought I was going to be crucified when I return to Ghana but Big J encouraged me to return and clear the air,’ she said confidently.

Selly said she was very surprised at the media report linking her to Nando as lovers, and quoting her as saying she wants Nando to win.

She said she actually wishes either Melvin or Elikem won the show and not Nando.

‘I wonder why the media in my own country are so judgmental while their colleagues in South Africa have been so supportive of me,’ she asked.

Meanwhile, boyfriend Big J is alleged to have said in another forum that whatever Selly did in the house was part of her game plan, but he does not believe she had an affair with Nando. and he claimed they did not ‘Penetrate’