Toddler Buys Car On eBay: 14-Month-Old Sorella Stoute Uses Dad’s Smartphone App To Bid


She may only be 14 months old, but Sorella Stoute is already a seasoned eBay user. Just ask her father, Paul Stoute, who recently opened up his email to discover thetoddler had bid on a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite — and won.

The Oregon father had left his smartphone unattended and unlocked when his daughter inadvertently opened his eBay app, according to local news reports. A few clicks later and the toddler bought a car on eBay.

Fortunately, the old auto was only $225.

“I’m just glad she didn’t buy the $38,000 Porsche I was looking at,” Stoute told KOIN 6 News.

Though the eBay seller offered to contact the other bidders, the Stoutes decided to keep the car, and he plans to fix it up. It may even serve as a birthday present for Sorella when she comes of age.

Password protection for phones and devices has become crucial for parents with tech-savvy kids. In-app purchases have also been a source of complaints as young children have racked up hefty bills while playing free iPad games.

Earlier this year, Danny Kitchen’s parents received a $2,550 bill from Apple after the 5-year-old purchased upgrades within “Zombies vs. Ninja.”