419: Nonso Diobi Impersonator On A Duping Spree on Twitter And BBM


I have just received information that a dubious Twitter Handle Created in The name of Nollywood actor Nonso Diobi has been duping innocent people of cash and valuables, especially women on the social media network.

Sources have sent me emails on his strategy and how he demands huge amounts of money from them, Recharge cards and lots more.

The Twitter handle is @NonsodiobiworId. The individual is not the real Nonso Diobi we all know; the actor’s real handle is @Nonsodiobiworld – difference is in d ‘world’. The fake one uses ‘worid’ but uses the capital letter ‘i’ to make it look like world.

Here is a mail from one of his victims

Hello,my name is Sandra Yesterday, I opened a new twitter account and followed d fake nonso. I asked for a follow back and he did. Then I DM’d him and asked for his pin. After much (silly) arguement, he added me. Then we started chatting on bbm and he asked me if I was a student or working. I said I was working,then he asked me to send him 1 million naira to fix a situation,I laffed it off. Afterwards he said he was joking but I was very smart. Then later,he asked me to send him 1500 mtn recharge card. That was when I munched d convo and deleted him. The guy has been getting money from gullible ladies! He did d same thing to a certain mimmy bekee. She has his acc number too. Pls help stop this dude! I’ll send u pics [Pictures Below]

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  1. Awwwww that’s sound smartest I think I do like Such but the only you can dump just like that’ only u can dump me its to give not to collect
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  2. Its true, he is d real Nonso diobi and not d fake one. He told me dat he is not in Nigeria whether if I can help him send any amount dat I have 2 his cousin brother dat is stranded in school. He sent d name and d acc number 2me, saying dat if he come bck 2 naija nxt two weeks dat he wil pay me bck. But I told him 2 do money transfer 4 him, he said dat d bro dnt hv driving license and I let him 2 knw dats its nt only with driving license dat one can withdraw money, dat he can equally use national ID card or school ID card bt he said dat his bro dnt hv dat. Dat was wen I knw dat he is lying. Bt wen I told him dat I wil show one or two of his colleagues dat I knw d message 4 dem 2b my witness if he dnt pay bck and he blocked me immediately saying dat I wnt 2 tarnish his image and reputation. Whether If I dnt knw wht dat means and wht they wil be saying abt him in nollywood. So its true. Nonso Diobi is a fraudster.