9-month-old Baby Burnt To Death In Sapele

house on fire

The tragic death of a nine-month-old baby has been reported in Sapele. The baby girl was burnt to death.

She was said to have been locked up in a house by her parents while they went to work. The mother was said to have gone to the market where she plaits hair for people at Sapele yam garage, while the father was also at work.

The incident occurred at about 7.00pm, Wednesday when the whole building was razed and neighbours could not put out the fire. Men of the Sapele Fire Fighting Service also arrived late.

The grand-father of the infant who was alerted of the incident was later involved in salvaging other parts of the building without knowing that his grand child had been consumed by the fire, reports have said.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, but a source at the Sapele Fire Fighting department, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that it was due to electrical spark from power fluctuation.

As sympathisers gather around the ruins, most of them blamed the parents of the baby for leaving the 9-month-old all by herself in the house, as they noted she could have been saved if someone older was with her.


  1. What a tragedy… All blame goes to the parent, but still what could be the solution to power fluctuation problem in this country. (NIGERIA)

  2. The man need to divorce the woman.she is irresponsile & a disgrace to womanhood.how could she locked up a 9 months old baby and went away?i feel for the child.what a traumatic death!


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