Amaechi’ll Not Sleep With Two Eyes Closed Again Until He Comes And Beg Me – Wike


The political crises in Rivers State which seemed to have simmered down a little bit was yesterday fired-up by the Minister of State for Education, Barrister Nyesom Wike, who has promised that Governor Rotimi Amaechi and his supporters will not sleep with their two eyes closed again because danger will be lurking around the state.

The minister’s latest warning shot was a veiled reference to Gov. Amaechi’s recent statement to a delegation of Niger Delta Bishops who paid him a visit in Government House, Port Harcourt, the State capital on Friday over the lingering political logjam in the state.

The governor, who initially noted that he refrained from making comments about Wike because he is a subordinate, was quoted as saying: “Nyesom Wike was appointed Chief of Staff by me. Nyesom Wike as a Minister of State, I nominated him. I was under pressure by the President to drop him, I refused. The President persuaded me to drop him and bring a woman but I refused.

”I heard he is going all over town saying I didn’t appoint him, I didn’t appoint him, the President appointed him but I nominated him to be a minister as the Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum. I did, but you know character doesn’t come easily, character is a very difficult thing and I am a man of character.”

But Wike has taken serious exception to his description as a subordinate as he used the occasion of the inauguration of executive members for Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of his Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI) sponsored programme in Port Harcourt on Saturday, to address the governor’s remarks against his person.

“They said we are nobody”, the minister started. “Then they have seen; when you are dealing with nobody, be careful. The nobody will show you that he is somebody. We will make sure they will not sleep again. As they are sleeping, they will not sleep with their two eyes closed. One eye will be open, because they know there is danger.”

On the governor’s remark that he resisted pressure from President Goodluck Jonathan to drop Wike as his nominee for minister, he stated:

“Those who are saying they must remove me, I have even overstayed. For you to be minister for two years, you must thank your God. If today we are no longer minister, do not worry yourself. It will not change us. We will continue to fight for what we believe in.

“We were not minister when we fought for them in 2007. When we were here, they were not having problems. Now, we have gone, they are having problems.

“We have always told them: you cannot do it. What you do not know, you do not know. It does not matter, whatever money you have, money cannot buy everything. Now, they are having sleepless nights. When we were here, were they having sleepless nights?

“When we were here, were they not travelling up and down? Are they travelling again? Tell them, they should come and beg us. Tell them to come back and beg us. We will tell them the secret. What God has not given to you, you do not need to do anything about it.”

Putting up an indifferent posture to the repeated demands for the removal of Mr. Joseph Mbu as the Rivers State Police Commissioner, Wike said, “I can assure you, all they are asking for: they want a commissioner of police that will be arresting you. Anytime they call the CP, he will arrest you. But let me tell you, we are not interested in whoever comes here (CP), all we are interested in is to have somebody who will not be partial.

“Let them bring whoever they want to bring (as CP).We want somebody who will want democracy to be practised in Rivers State. They said one man, one vote. Now, they do not want one man, one vote again.”

Deriding the governor for suspending the Obio/Akpor council officials, Wike said Gov. Amaechi and his supporters thought the move would bring them ‘sleep’ but unknown to them, they ‘touched the Lion’ and it came with consequences.

“The party has suspended them, because they have touched the lion and when you touch the lion, you know the consequences. Since they said the councillors will not take their salaries, they also will know that they will not belong to the PDP”, he said.

The minister boasted that Gov. Amaechi and his supporters would lose all the pending cases they have before the courts because according to him, “All the ones they have gone, we have been winning them and we will continue to win them.”

“They are doing everything they can. They are using their power and their money. Money cannot solve all problems. Sometimes, you have to come back home and realise that the people matter a lot. It is the power of the people that has put us in positions and you must come back to thank the people.

“Forget about what they are doing to you (his supporters). Do not worry. We are all together. Do not lose hope. God is on the throne.”

Wike, who revealed that the suspended Chairman of Obio/Akpor LG, Mr. Timothy Nsirim and his deputy, Solomon Eke, and the 17 councillors have been denied their salaries since April, said it is a sacrifice they have to make to make democracy survive.

The minister drummed up support for President Jonathan’s 2015 re-election bid at the event and charged members of the GDI; of which he is the grand patron, in particular, to go to all the wards, communities and families in the state to support the President.

Wike added: “In Rivers State, Jonathan is our son, Jonathan is our in-law and his wife is our daughter. So, we have no choice, but to continue to support him. Your duty is to mobilise the entire state for our son when he decides to run eventually.

“We believe that the people of South-South cannot sacrifice, whatever it is, our own son for anything less than President,” he said.

Wike, who is aspiring to become governor of Rivers State in 2015, is an Ikwerre man just like Amaechi and hails from Obio/Akpor where he was a two-term chairman of the council.


  1. Mr Minister, its a big shame to hear this from you at a time when academic activities in all our tertiary institutions are. paralyzed! Is it that everything is now POLITICS here in Nigeria today? The only thing I want to hear from office holders directly incharge of Education in Naija now is how this lingering crisis in that sector will be put to an end forever! We are tired of ASUU goes on strike this year and next they will tOo cos the main issue has not being addressed but merely postponed!

  2. I can’t imagin a Minister singing pop songs and hollow talks,, Mr minister u better face your job ooooo,, you are assigned to look after the education institution not political institution. It is so pitiable that our leader are leading this country into the pit of hell. Hmmmmm!

  3. Most times we wonder were press people want to lead Nigerians to. Some of us were there I wonder when the Minister said that “the Governor wouldn’t sleep with his two eyes closed” why can’t the press carry stories as was gotten or witnessed? Some of the stories are correct but not pointing fingers at any one. He advised the good people of Obio/Akpor to remain peace loving,encouraged GDI in there Court ruling with Rivers State Government,GDI should Support President Goodluck Jonathan etc. Please let’s say things as it appears before we set every were ablaze while seeking public recommendations. For haters of the Minister mind you he is only an Assistant to the Education Minister and the ASUU disagreements is between the Federal Govt which should be linked with the Senate and House of Rep. Don’t make false conclusions when you are not aware. We all should learn to Look,Listen & Learn it will help us. We need Peace,Equity,Justice & Fareness in Rivers State not autocracy.thanks

  4. It is very unfortunate that this south -south people don’t have shame. A whole minister without sense. Can’t he think, majority of Nigeria minister are from North, have you seen anyone of them behaving like this are boys and gangstar. This man should understand that nigeria contain million of people, and making you a minister you are lucky. I will tell you that in 2015 all of you will be a looser. Note, Nigerian get sense, enough of this stupidity. Do you know what tomorow hold for everyone. Stop deceiving yourself, and all illitetate you are carring along. This man did not even fit for a local govt councilor, not to talk about being a minister. This is a mistake appointment.

    • Toba didirin ni wo! u r jst an idiot. can’t u make sense without attacking the generality of south south people? how dare u call dem shameless with ur ‘cut and join’ illiterate grammer? I knw hw bad I would feel if sum1 reads ur wrytup and feels all yorubas are as stupid as you r. Wike is a goat so is his boss who hapns 2b our president as well as many others… after all, Doyin Okupe is yoruba. Please talk abt the personalities and stop regionalising idiosyncrasy!

  5. Mr. Wike, U r fighting d man that is in the position U r aspiring to claim in 2015, know that the same cup U use in measuring 4 Ur brother will be used to measure 4 U someday. DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT U WANT THEM TO DO TO U. WHATEVER A MAN SOWETH, THAT HE SHALL SURELY REAP.

    • Newton you would remain a blind fool for the rest of your miserable life. it is obvious you are one of those Wike has initiated into his diabolic confracternity in his satanic campaign to occultify the politics of rivers state. one thing that is sure is that when the God Wike fearlessly calls visits him in judgement, you and your cohorts would burn along with him

  6. Hon newt or wateva u cal urself u r simply stupid we dnt care weda u roast urself u kil al ur generation in riva or beta stil mak a lunatic ur gov. Al we r sayin is dat woke shuld face his work, assu has bin on strik for a month nw he has nt said any tin abt dat al he wnt is 2 b gov. Nt only dat we shuld vot Gej again so dat we cn run 4yrs prgme in 10yrs? Dats nonsense.