ASUU, FG Meeting: Today’s Meeting Was An Inaugural Meeting, Nothing Much Was Achieved- ASUU National President


Concerned Nigerians were hoping Monday and Thursday meeting of the Federal Government with the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, would signal the end of the strike embarked on by the union, but hopes were dashed on Thursday after the FG constituted committee chaired by the Benue State Governor, Hon. Gabriel Suswan in a meeting with the leadership of ASUU failed to agree on the contentious issues.

National President of ASUU, Dr. Nasir Fagge had previously said that calling off the strike was dependent upon what the Federal government would place on the table in respect of the implementation of the 2009 agreement, while he reiterated the commitment of the union to ensuring the government stood by its words.

Dr. Fagge spoke to Vanguard on the outcome of the meeting saying, “Well it was inaugural meeting, so naturally nothing much was achieved. It is just that the chairman (Governor Gabriel Suswan) told us how he wants to carry out the assignment.

“And then he said that he thinks we should have a sub-committee that will liaise with TETFund and National Planning Commission to get more information on the technical report that was submitted by the Needs Assessment Committee and on the basis of that, projects will be identified and will now look for the funding.”

The meeting, according to Fagge, would have no effect on the status quo as no negotiations were made. “There is no change any way because the meeting today is just considering one aspect of the agreement, which is funding.

“So what we did today was to have an inaugural meeting on funding and our members nation wide said nothing short of implementation of all aspects of the agreement will make them call off the strike, so like I said whatever meeting we are invited, we will go and give our members information.

“Like I said, today’s meeting was an inaugural meeting nothing much was achieved there order than how to go and implementing the Needs Assessment Report which is an aspect of funding aspect of the agreement, so we will wait and see whatever government decides to do with the agreement, we are there.”


  1. Let us all hold the Federal government accountable for any consequence(s) this ongoing industrial action will result to. I can’t understand why a ‘responsible’ government will fail to implement an agreement it willingly entered into wt the union in the best interest of the delapidated university system we have in this country. Our government is simply paying lip service to education thereby toying with the future of our teaming future leaders. This site is doing a great job. Keep us posted and remain objective in ur reportage.

  2. plz asuu mk una call off dis strike…..our final student nid 2go for dia service,it unfair ooooo if na play mk una stp am abg

  3. the main concern of the Nigerian government is how to generate income and take it share, but have no interest to ur education. So we can take this as a lesson for the next coming election.

  4. Greatest naija students are begging for mercy now to call off d strike nor any man call politician in nigeria will be condem to death next coming election (nuclear weapons is activated).bad leaders

  5. Wel if FG dn’t want 2 colabur8 wit ASUU, den it left 4 dem.
    ASUU shld strngten d strike 2 2016 & shld stp goin 2 metinz.

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