Bear With Us; FG Appeals To Students, Parents Over ASUU Strike


The Federal Government has appealed to students over the ongoing strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities saying that it is committed to the speedy resolution of the crisis for the sake of Nigerian students.

Speaking to State House correspondents after Wednesday’s Federal Executive Council meeting, Minister of Information, Labaran Maku said the government was committed to “serious negotiations” with the university lecturers.

He therefore appealed to the students and parents to bear with government and show more understanding as efforts are being made to find a lasting solution to the problem at hand.

“The federal government has been far more worried than you think concerning the strike in tertiary institutions, because of the disruption of the school calendar and so government is concerned and very worried and since the onset of the strike government has been negotiating with ASUU through the Ministry of Labour and Productivity and the Ministry of Education.

“As at today we know that this negotiations are going on and it is our expectation that this strike will not get more protracted and that an understanding will be reached soon enough to enable our students return back to school. Government is very worried and concerned every time the school calendar is disrupted, it has its cost to the nation, particularly the idle time our children spend at home can lead to a lot of social difficulties.

“We don’t want school calendars to be disrupted and a lot of series of discussions have been going on and we believe we should record some progress soon enough for these schools to open and the Minister of Labour and education will be giving quarter briefing on the progress of these negotiation and I know that it has never cease.

“So we are appealing to our people particularly parents and children of this nation to bear with us, to show more understanding and we pray that this type of strike will not re-occur, because the public school system suffers a lot of damage with the perennial strikes. The universities have been relatively stable since the advent of this Administration. The outraged strikes that we inherited we have tried to resolve them, and if you notice in the last two years there has not been a lot of strikes until this unfortunate one and I believe we will overcome it and in the end both parties will appreciate the need to keep the school calendar stable for the progress of our country. So government is working hard to ensure we reach an agreement to resolve this problem so that or schools can re-open” he said.


  1. Please FG, take your time to resolve the issue at hand jor. No mind anybody wey dey talk anything. In fact, I donate six months to you to use am resolve the issue cos as you dey delay dey resolve, as I dey take the advantage to resolve my own wahala. Right now I dey kill those rate wey dey share my apa
    rtment with me. They are my room mates but I gave them quit notice and they refused to quit, so now I don adopt Boko Haramic method on them. FG carry go!

  2. FG keep telling us to bear with u,when you are not ready to do anything..its because ur children are abroad schooling nd we’re d ones suffering..Asuu keep striking for God knows what u want,make us suffer in d name of helping us..we’ve had ds problems for long,u wud ave atlst negotiated with d Govtmnt while we still school..for Gods sake call off ds Godforsaken strike

  3. If it is a risk for FG to do wat ASUU wants, I think its time to take the risk! I have a scheduled year to graduate from school and I dont want to xceed it, pls hence Asuu has refused FG offer, then Fg should know its not going to work without doing exatly what Asuu wants, @those students that have posted some comments here with some mixed Jagons I cry for you guys, why cant you @least show that you are a student? Mtchewww! You must not study abroad to be a hero, if you doubt me read the history of our own Nigerian Heroes. I REST MY CASE!

  4. Pls Asuu nd d fg, i understand it mayb hard 2 cum 2 a conclusion but pls consider the students hu r at home they might end up doin things that arent ryt bcos of boredom nd lack of something 2 boost their appetite 2 read… Pls call off this strike nt bcos u want 2 but bcos of d future of us students nd dat of our country

  5. This asuu sef,the person wey them fight the no fight,the VC wey the collect money $ he gree to do anything,see money from skul fees,post-ume,hostels,minimart,transport $ a lot of other sources internal generated revenues but nonthing to show,only waiting ETF,TET,BH for donations.for me internal generated revenue is enough to provide infrastures in our universities $ let the govt.shoulder salaries $ research grant.

  6. The F.G nd our so kald asuu executives ar jst tourturing we schooling in nigeria. Had it been dat dia wards were 2 b scholin here, wil dia b anythn lik strike? Pls both parties shud reach to a quick aggrement so we cn Go bk 2 sch, WE D NIGERIA STUDENTS AR BEGING U GUYS

  7. The Federal Government should expedite action and grant the legitimate demands of ASUU. FG should stop playing pranks with teachers and lecturers because they are the one producing Nigeria’s man power and Productive Labour Force which is crucial and indispensable to Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

  8. IMPROVING/ENHANCING EDUCATION IN NIGERIA. THE NIGERIAN EDUCATION SECTOR SHOULD BE FURTHER IMPROVED WITH MORE BUDGETARY PROVISIONS.Federal Government should expedite action and grant the legitimate demands of ASUU. FG should stop playing pranks with teachers and lecturers because they are the one producing Nigeria’s man power and Productive Labour Force which is crucial and indispensable to Nigeria’s economic growth. THE TIME TO ACT WISELY IS NOW

  9. This obnoxious&anhocospocus tussle will nt end in a jiffy ‘with a pinch of salt’,I presume… My great&indefatigable fellow students, ITS HIGH TIME “we discover d@ individual uniqueness nd wonderful aptitude God has bestowed upon us and flaunt it,so as to stay immune to d current egregious education virus in this noble nation of ours to stand for ourselves by ourselves anywhere in d world’.
    Asuu: more power to your elbow!(REVELATION 22:11-12)
    FG: more greese to blade of your dagger!(REVELATION 22:11-12 & PSALM 107:40-42)

  10. Why can’t ASUU publish these non negotiable 2009 list of AGREEMENTS with FG for ALL Nigerians to see?
    Also the FG ministry of Labour and productivity. Education and NUC should enforce the ‘NO WORK NO PAY’ clause aspect in our Labour law/constitution.
    Until then the strike action should continue to 2015 to enable APC win the Presidency! God forbid because BUHARI and TINUBU will have justification for sacking all ASUU members permanently.

  11. i blive bot fg n asuu ar draggin on d national cake while d children of d poor ar bin delay 2 reach dier destiny.dey al 1 dier children who ar skuling in privat uni n abroad 2 graduat b4 us so dat dey can come n tak dier sits in govt so as to maintain dier class while we graduat old n late n bcome dier children serfs.i gues is a device use by d nigerian elites 2 widen,maintain n stratified d gap btwn d rich n d poor so as 2 maintain dier existence.God pass them.we must jump n pass.maxist!!