Dancer Kaffy Is Way Older Than Her Husband?!?

Either way you want to look at it, it’s shameful.

Professional dancer, Kaffy is married to Joseph Ameh, the couple have a kid together and are still expecting.

Joseph posted a photo of his international passport (reason unknown) on his Instagram page and it clearly showed that he born 23rd May 1988.

Kaffy is believed to be born in the early 80s, reportedly 1980, that is a big 8 years old gap.

Seems like marrying a younger man is the new trend for female celebrities.

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  • U must b a child for telin d whole public dat its shameful for kaffy to marry a guy she’s older than. Age they say is just a number n d last I checked, they were hapi 2geda cus love dosnt count age so next time grow up n learn how to mind ur business rather than force pple to bliv ur own way of luving or marriage.

  • Wat’s d shame there, as long as they’re 2 compactible adult who cares abot their age. I just wonder y pple still think like this in this age nd tym

  • For crying out loud why won’t some people just cut dis craps of intimidating others, international passport ages r not predictable.u can be 30yrs and decide to use 15yrs on d international passport. Anyway I dnt blame d writer I wonder if d writer av 1, well give it a slack and if it really true it none of yah biz

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